Friday, February 24, 2006

Do we all Doubt?

I was just reading this morning in Luke about the time that John the Baptist was imprisoned for exposing an adulterous relationship between a lady and King Herod. Luke 7:18-25

What we have here is a time in ones life that is extremely tense and one is looking at death right in the face. John knows that Christ is the Savior, the head knowledge as Beth Moore describes it, but the heart knowledge has failed Him for a moment. He sends 2 of his disciples to ask Jesus the question of whether He is who He says He is.

I have seen myself in the same boat before. I know and I believe and I can trust my head knowledge, but then when it comes down to it or tragedy hits me in the face or something unbelievable happens to a friend, I begin to doubt just a bit! It is like the worst thing of all. It is most likely a time that we need to be the strongest and yet our past preparations for this kind of moment fail us!! What is up with that.

We see the same thing happening to John. He realizes his last day is drawing near and the commentary says he had really only been going at this for like a year. How could his time be drawing to a close so soon? Don't we all assume that because we are doing good we are gong to have a long life and even expect a good life. God does not promise that. And we certainly take it a step further that because we are doing good things that no harm will come our way. If I remember correctly, the one that came to "prepare the way" was beheaded!! WOW!

Do you realize what high expectations Christ has for us! Even in the midst of tragedy and unexplainable events and all that - He still want us to not fall away. Beth More says Jesus isn't so much talking about falling away from salvation - that is doctrinal, we can't loose that - But warns us not to give into the doubts in our heads, the unexplainable tragedies, and the situations that we feel we are so unworthy of. And I do include both good and bad situations. Bad situations we begin to ask how this could happen to us since we think in our heads we have done so much good. But on the flip side, we begin thinking we have had something to do with the blessing that is happening to us because of the good we have done! No in verse 23 says "Blessed is he who does not fall away on account of me!"

But I love at the end where God extols him in a way by telling the masses that there was no one as good as John. Encouragement that will get back to him, but I think Christ didn't take the time to tell John's messengers because He knew John the Baptist would have to find out in heaven!

Oh lord, I have found myself in this situation too often. Take my heart and clean it out. I need you to "bara" it please!! Do as you must and make me all yours. Clean out my thoughts of piety and deservedness!! You know what I certainly mean! Lord, I pray this morning that you help Deanna Rosko's husband to be strong and rely on the Spirit within Him to get through al this with his wife and new baby boy! Help him not to give into the heart scare he could possibly be going through. I cannot image facing the death of possibly my son and spouse. WOW - be great in him today!! Thank you for the miracles we have seen you perform thus far in that situation!

Keep my family safe and attitudes good as I travel this weekend!! I love you Lord. Make desperate for you!

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