Tuesday, February 07, 2006

See Him face to face! Psalm 17

I was talking with a friend about Psalm 17. We had such a great time with it, that I wanted to record our thoughts so that I would have them forever (at least in space) and I thought some of you might be interested in our discussion as well.

My friends thoughts were -
I don't feel > like I have a righteous plea, I have deceitful lips, His eyes can't see > what is right because my life isn't right, when He tests me He finds > fault, my mouth sins, and my steps have definitely not held to His steps. > I read this over and over but yet can't move past this Psalm. However, I > cry out verses 6-15. But then start all over again. It's hard...

I replied...
I read the psalm and it is convicting! But I am with you. I find myself saying the same thing. my mouth sins, my steps, my everything... But think about when David talks about leading a blameless life... Ps. 18:23. The only way he can say those things is because he is continually seeking forgiveness. It is like he truly lives in a state of forgiveness and grace. One could never say that he leads a blameless life for an extended time, but one can walk away and for about 20 seconds or more, but not much more, and be blameless. So I think we find the only way David could say such things is to constantly be in a state of seeking forgiveness and grace!! are you with me? am I making any sense?

if you don't mind and have the time, read my blog today about Where's the beef, I mean joy or something like that. forgot what I called it, but it is today's... you do need to seek forgiveness and grace and mercy, but then LIVE in His joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you must do this!!

look at verse 15 - the grand finale!! "in righteousness I will see your face" - we will only see His face when we have arrived - and that arrival will be final!

"when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness." It is upon the arrival that we awake - awake to see Him in heaven - it is that we are nearly asleep here on earth. some more asleep than others, but some can't even earthly sleep because they are so close to the Father like I would think of Beth Moore or Billy Graham. Remember we are made in His likeness! So that likeness we will see will be His true reflection!! We will not be satisfied and never should be with our spiritual state here on earth. The true satisfaction will only come when we see him face to face and are reflecting the Real thing!!! Then and only then will we no longer need to live in a state of grace and forgiveness - "we will have pressed on to receive the prize" as Paul states. We will be found 100% blameless and can recite the verses in that beginning chapter!! Only because of his blood!! Praise the Lord!

wow - I might have lost myself in that one!!

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