Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fun Day

Dear Lord, we had such a blast last night. We celebrated Clay's birthday. Our friends from Wilmington, Chad and Tara, surprised Clay at the house with mullet wigs on. We have like a 9 year standing joke about mullets. They are really the ones that keep the joke alive. They are by far the most creative couple we know. They will even be driving down the highway and a guy with a mullet passes by on his motorcycle and Chad will speed up real close just so Tara can snap picture with her camera that is always close by or her phone. She is a picture girl. She takes fabulous pictures and she always looks good in pictures.

After the laughing until tears, we took Tucker to practice and then Clay to dinner at Carrabba's. We quickly headed over to Concord Mills to get Clay's cookie cake. I must say that I did not mind buying that for Clay at all. That might even been my present to him, but really for me! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The coolest thing is that I know even if we lived in Nashville, Chad and Tara would have driven there just to make it special for Clay. They are incredible. They have been through the hardest 2 years of their lives. Tara's headaches and just sickness have taken such a toll on them. I can not imagine mothering with such pain and actually making it through. They are pregnant again and it is still not without much pain and scare. Lord, I ask that you bless them with a beautiful girl and make something in Tara through this pregnancy reverse all this sickness in her life. Protect her as she is going through this all and give Chad the patience and knowledge of "what to do next" kind of thing. Lord, they are precious and they live for you! Bless them!

SJ spent the night at her best friend's house, Emma McClaire - that is what we call her. I know she had a blast, I just hope she went to bed for them. They kind of put their kids to bed early in the summer! Oh well, I know and trust that Tracy will set them straight. She is a great momma. That is another wonderful couple and I pray you keep the dream alive in their lives and bless them through it all. Tracy is so deserving of her dreams - at least I think so.

Lord, as far as SJ, we have made the decision to put her through another year of preschool. I do not regret that decision at all. I pray it does not scar her. I know she is going to be crushed to not go to school with Emma, but I pray that you will give her another great friend at least at school. Tracy and her family are going to North very soon and so I know our time will be cut. It makes me so sad for SJ, but I am also very sad for my friendship with Tracy. I know we will do everything possible to get together, but you know how that can be too. But I guess this is where the Lord wants them. Just hurts.

Emmajoy and Tucker have wonderful, polished, skilled, mature teachers next year. I am so pumped for them. Tucker has Ms. Rainey and EJ has Mrs. Pazun. Oh that is so great and so exciting. Thank you for blessing us with the ability to go to HGBCS. It has been wonderful and I can not say it enough. The school is going through a lot of changes, but I pray we are moving closer to excellence. Take care of Mr. Ward, Lord. He has a lot on his plate and many decisions to make. EJ will continue singing lessons this fall. I really think she can do it. Tucker wants to play football, but I am scared of that. I think he might just be too young. Why do we, our fmaily included, push them into things so early these days. I guess we are scared they are not going to be able to keep up or be led behind! Guide us Lord. This parenting thing is so hard!

Elleigh is just such a stinker. She is so fun and such the talker. I have got to be more diligent about making her wait while I am talking on the phone and while I am talking to others. I expect so much out of her because she can talk so well and looks so much older, but she is only 2.

Well, summer is here, Lord. I know you want me to have a great time with the kids and I am excited we can begin. We don't have a lot planned, but are excited to just go to the pool and maybe to the beach and maybe to Carowinds and to Grandma's!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!

Thank you for what you are doing! Please protect my heart and my mind! Bless Clay! I love you!

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