Monday, July 31, 2006

Amazing Faith

Dear Lord, It is so good to be back in town with You and at my computer to "release" my thoughts and prayers to You. I went to the beach for a few days with the kids, Clay was traveling far away, but it was really exhausting and HOT! Wow, was it hot. It was fine out on the beach, but to get there and make that huge effort, it was tough and rough and lots of work. Not like just running outside to your pool in the backyard or even the neighborhood. But it was great once we got there and the kids loved it. I loved watching them! SJ was really brave.

I miss church so much. We went to North again, but only went to SS. But EJ has these bumps on her legs and bottom that look like bug bites, except they are spreading. She has been running a low grade temp. and so the doctor wanted to see her. So we had to leave church early and take her in. They actually had to lance one of the spots and take it in for testing. We should hear something on Tuesday. But I miss church and worship so much! I need that corporate worship time!

Lord Jesus, Clay and I went out with a couple this week that were absolutely amazing. Elizabeth works in Clay's office and her husband, David, has just given up everything to go to seminary. He graduated from Georgia Tech as a structural engineer and then had a big job in Europe. Very early God allowed him to be at the top of career as a very young mind. But he kept realizing he was not fulfilled. He was not satisfied not giving back more to mankind through the gifts that God had given him. He has left everything and gone back to seminary and is studying to be a Christian counselor. I just think that is the neatest thing ever. To give up everything to do what you feel called to do and to do it for His glory. Wow! Could we ever have the guts and that level of obedience? Living in Charlotte is no risk. They have Amazing Faith!

I have another set of friends that are in seminary right now going through the missions program. They are narrowing down the possibilities of where they could be sent. The places they are considering, prayerfully considering I might add, are Iraq, Chad, and Sudan. Can you imagine the Lord sending my friends there? Oh Lord, what is it that you put in a person to make them want to abandon it all to be in that kind of danger. I think it has to be more than just a great appreciation for what You have done for us! Could we ever have the guts and that level of obedience to You? I don't know - at all! Again Amazing Faith!

This morning with so many things swirling in my mind I am struck by 2 verses You have placed before me.

Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you!
Thank you Lord for that encouragement and that reassurance. I know You have instructed my bold friends in all their ways and in all their decisions - even those that sounds crazy to me. Thank you that by Your word, You are counseling them the whole way and protecting them the whole way! Praise You Lord. You will do it for them and You will do it for me!

Psalm 33:11 But the plans of the Lord stand forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.
Oh Lord, Praise You and thank you again. I am thankful that Your plans will stand forever and You have purpose in everything. Even when you call me into the "crazy" things I find confidence in knowing it is Your Will - even if it does not make sense! It will take place and it will not be stopped - even when I think I can say no and I guess You do afford me that "right", but yet You still have Your way in my life. Wow, that is a deep thought - so di I really have any rights? . I find confidence in knowing You will protect me and see me through. I love Your sovereignty and Your loyalty.

Jesus, speak to us. Open my ears and allow me and Clay to respond to Your call! I want to be obedient and I want to please You! You may not ever ask more from me than this very life of obedience I am trying to lead, but I want to be open and ready for whatever and wherever You may call. Draw me close, Lord. Show me Your glory, please. I believe and I am believing big!! You are big!!!

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