Saturday, July 01, 2006

Living in the Favor

Oh Lord, I need your wisdom and help! My son, at 8 years old, is already testing the waters, pushing the boundaries, and trying to buck the system. I never thought at this age he would already be second guessing our decision on church things, thinking some Spiritual things are not cool, and just uninterested with things of the Lord. It is killing me. This is the little guy that had a QT every morning before school just this past year. This is the little guy that could pray the roof off the house. This is the little guy that would instruct the girls in his way that they must "resent" - well you know what he means. But for some reason as he is growing up he is beginning to not think we are so cool, right, and that we just might be wrong and weird now! It is breaking my heart!

So the other morning i asked Tucker to do his devotional with his sisters so they could hear what he does - they don't read that well yet. As he started out his voice was really dull and uninterested and just down right disrespectful! I told him, "Tucker don't talked that way about God. He would never talk about you that way." Boy that really hit me between the eyes. There are many times that i may not say i don't trust God or don't believe Him or don't like what He has done, but my actions and ATTITUDES show it big time! It was a great lesson for us all - definitely me included!

So then later in the week, just yesterday another incident came up with Tucker. He has started wanting to listen to Country Music. Now there is not much wrong with country music, but i do think there is not much good for my 8 year old son listening to country music either. Why does he want to be so grown up... Was i that way, Mom? Why can he not just be 8??? So we had this long discussion. Bear with me!

There are times in our lives that God is going to bless us because of no good thing we have done, but because He is a merciful God and He is in love with us! He just gives to His children and is just incredible in that way! There is not much difference when i go to the store and come home with a "special" for no reason - and actually there is probably less than no reason! Or when Clay takes us to get icrecream just because he wants to - whether they ate all their food or not!

But then there are times that we are obedient and we do follow His instruction and "we do act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God" (Micah 6:8). Because of pure heart, pure motive, pure intentions, right actions and reactions, and just plain obedience God blesses us in many ways. But the catch is, we have no idea when that is going to happen and we have no idea how He chooses to do that! You can not say that because you did this one thing right that this is the results or the blessing. Nope, doesn't work that way. The same way with my kids. They have no idea when i am going to bless or when Daddy is going to offer icecreaml. So what do we do or what should we do?

This is what i call - Living in the Favor. We do the things we are suppose to do just because of our love for the Lord. We listen to Christian music so that we are more filled up with Him. We go to church because we want to worship and learn more. We do not talk ugly out of respect for our Lord and respect for others. We do not watch certain shows on TV............... The list cold go on and on. Do i do them all - NO! But the point is - We are living in such a way that when God does decide to bless and place His favor on us - If He needs to find reason or needs to reward or if He needs to see evidence, He can look at our lives and see ways we have lined up with His favor! Please hear me out - i am not saying we do things just to get His blessing - NO - it is all about the heart. I think this has been a hard one for me to learn all my life. I have always done things to impress or to gain one's favor or to please. But it is about doing things with the right heart so that when the time comes and God is looking across the world for someone to be called up for the next great job or task or blessing (2 Chron. 16:9), He can find one physically ready and heart ready and mind ready! Lining up and living in the Favor!

Lord Jesus, if you see any reason to bless Tucker's team today with a win that would be so aweome. If he has done anything to line up with that favor and blessing, Lord i pray you do it today. Like Nehemiah prays in chapter 1"11b, " Give your servant sucess today by granting him favor..." This little team needs a win so bad. Thank you for their good attitudes, passion, and encouragement of each other. They have had so much fun and they have just been so fun to watch grow up right before our eyes! It is awesome! Protect us as we travel and keep speaking to my heart! I would love for you to show me more and more about Micah and possibly some songs to go with it all! I love you my Savior! Thank you for keeping Elleigh busy as i spend my time with you! I love you!

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