Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Purpose must exceed the pain" Moore

Lord, my goodness how you have blessed Beth Moore with such a great way of exposing the scripture. This morning I did something a bit different after having my prayer time. I went to the TV and watched Beth Moore on the Robison (or something like that) show. We, me, the TV, and the window had some church.

This morning she was explaining all things in our lives good and bad are for purpose and if the purpose does not exceed the pain (obviously of the bad things) then we are not living it out right. She explained in Gen. 50 - "What he meant to harm us, God meant it for good" - the words "thought" and "meant" are actually derived from the same root. It means exactly that - to think, deliberate, spend time over, etc. God does not allow things to come our way without first thinking them through and how they will affect us, our walk, and all those around us! Beth explained that her child abuse was for just that - to live our His purpose in her life over the pain. She went on to say that "we are meant to matter". Everything about us is for His glory and for our purpose! I love that and I needed to hear that this morning! As clearly as I see You in my life, meeting with me each morning, and allowing me to do lots of things such as ministry, I wonder if I am of any value to whole scheme of things and if I have real purpose. I know that is not a pretty statement and one coming from a very worn out, ready for school to start, loving a schedule kind of momma! I know I am listening to Satan and that is the very reason You brought me to the TV this morning to speak these words in my life! Praise You Lord!!!

Many times I am going about my day not really thinking about this and that happens, but just dealing with the emotions that come with it. I tend to forget the purpose in the adventures He sends me on! Lord, help me to see You in the adventures and to shine so all can see Your glory. Oh Lord, that is my prayer! Allow me to see Your purpose in the things You feel confident enough to send my way and then let me succeed in my responses, reactions, actions, and WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is another really cool verse that Beth brought us to - Acts 13:36 "For when David had served God in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his fathers and his body decayed."

God has a purpose for us all. God has a reason for allowing us to be born when we are - our own generation. And when He is finished with us SERVING Him HE will call us home. I just have to wonder if He ever decides to call us home early because we are not serving Him. Anyway - You have spoken great words in my life today Holy Father. I praise You for coming to my rescue and telling me great and wonderful things I needed to hear just for today! Make the full extent of Your purpose for my life be lived out. Have Your way, see it to completion, and then call me home! I am excited to see face to face!! I love you!

Be with Emmajoy in her MRSA/staff infection. It is a scary thing, but the meds are working really well. I know she too is in Your hands with great purpose! She is a joy. Thank you for her smile through it all! Hopefully we will get to leave today for the grandparent tour for the kids! I am excited about seeing Jeff and Courtney in Nashville! Thank you Lord for today!

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