Monday, March 12, 2007

267 - Don't you give in!!

Oh Father - this time change about got me this morning. I wanted to crawl right back in the bed and not even it the snooze - just turn off the alarm. But thank you for getting me up and meeting with you. I studied about how we discern God's will for our lives - 4 easy step process - but this morning i want to praise you for a great weekend with my parents and the wonderful church we had. I mean incredible.

The praise music was just a tad too loud, but it didn't bother me. We sang the News Boys (or maybe it was Newsong group) song Rescue. It was wonderful and just beautiful. Chad our preacher is a great singer and the piano player is out of this world. There is another lady on keyboard that is awesome too. I could not hear the piano player as well as i would have liked to yesterday. Maybe they were having some sound troubles - they had a video that didn't quite work. Anyway - they brought us to the Throne of Grace for sure!

Chad did an awesome job on the sermon yesterday. We were talking about the power of a word - that would be the inspired Word of God. When God lays something on your heart and then confirms it in scripture - that is your Word. You hold on to that Word until You see Him releases you from that or He works it into fruition. He will, but sometimes we have to be patient. Patience is one of those things that is the prelude to many blessings. But i think too often i go right on passed that blessing because i take things into my own hands or never wait to see it through. Forgive me Lord.

We found ourselves in Acts 27 - the account of Paul going to appeal Caesar. He had been accused of something and they really couldn't find a crime to peg him with, but nevertheless they wanted to have him killed. So as a Roman citizen, Paul had the right to appeal before Caesar to get the decision reversed. This is much like someone appearing before our Supreme Court. Before I go on about all the Paul endured, I was kind of astonished at the Word we received in I Thes. 2:17-18, specifically vs. 18, "Satan hindered". In the Greek that means to make slow, difficult, or prevent action. It is as if a person is going on a trip and they are hindered such that either the trip must be stopped or the trip has to go in a totally different direction.

This is where I and many of us throw in the towel. We get one obstacle and quit. Not willing to fight any longer, not willing to rough it out, not willing to give it our all. It is easier to assume that God did not will that for our life and just give up. But following Him takes work. First we have to know that the situation is worth fighting for. We have to have received a Word, that take patience, from Him knowing we are to proceed through. Then we have to be willing to fight and wait and fight and wait.............and then wait some more. Just because we don't see it happen immediately doesn't mean that God changed His mind.

In Acts 27 - this is where Chad was tremendous and so anointed. We went through the ship wreck story of Paul. He received his Word that he was to appear before Caesar. His real goal was to preach the gospel to Caesar. He knew this was his purpose in life from this point forward. So they set sail in a bad storm. "Unite your faith in the midst of the storm, not lose your faith" - Chad. Angel of the Lord confirmed Paul's purpose, but the storm continued for 11 days. They finally reach land - long time - and he loses all his stuff and lands on a island of Barbarians. He then is cold and makes fire. As he is making the fire he gets bit by a poisonous snake. They are ready to watch him die, but God prevents that. He then gets hailed as a god and taken to a palace - he has yet to see the Caesar, but is holding tight to his Word. Many months have gone by. Paul gives up......... not!!!!!!!!!!! When we have a promise or Word from the Lord, we must fight, we must be patient, and we must prevail - only Him through us! Prayer must be the foundation.

Lord, thank you for this word yesterday. There are many ways i can apply it. Lord, help me to reach deep within and hold onto the patience You have given me. I have received a Word that I am willing to fight and wait for. In the mean time don't let my worst, or nearly my worst, enemy ruin everything. That would be me!!!!!!!!!!! Dawn Everette and Tracy Berta are both waiting to have their babies. May that be soon for both. Thank you for today, already. Thank you for mom and dad coming and the great time we all had. Please heal my dad's back or allow him great relief from a cortisone shot. However you can heal him!! I love you, Lord.

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