Friday, March 16, 2007

274 - Dream Big - Big God!!

This is a prayer from my devotion that says my exact heart - "Lord God, I desire to be counted as one who knows my God, one who shall be strong and do exploits, one who uses the understanding You give to instruct many (Dan. 11:32-33). You have invested so much in me, and proven to be my rock, my fortress, my stronghold, my deliverer, my shield, my refuge, the one who trains my hands. Use me now, I pray, for Your mighty purposes."

I almost don't have anything else to type. I am just standing in awe of the things God has done for me and the things He has allowed me to be part of. Do I deserve any of it - not even one little bit. I do not say that with half a heart feeling like i deserve just a tad, but say that full-hearted that NO I don't deserve any of it. In fact the closer and closer i get to the Lord the further I realize that I am from what He wants me to be. He is amazing and so gracious.

I know my thoughts and my attitudes and even the words that have flown out of my mouth without thought - that alone should disqualify me from any blessing. This is not to even mention the times i have acted a fool, the times i have done things for personal gain - knowing or unknowing - , the times i have turned clearly from obedience for whatever reason - no reason is good enough - the times i have done my own thing or done things my own way, etc.......... Oh Lord, you are indescribable to me. I can not even begin to comprehend Your love. I can not begin to understand Your ways - I can not begin to deserve any of your love - but yet you lavish it on us and say welcome Home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!

2 Samuel 5:1-5 - the time has come - David is king over all of Israel. It has taken a long time. Get this - he was crowned at 30 (same age Jesus started his ministry) and ruled for 33 years (Jesus was crucified at 33) over all of Israel (3 is one of "those" numbers). He ruled over just Hebron for 7.5 years (7 is another one of "those" numbers). So in total he ruled roughly 40years. (Jesus was in the desert for 40 days, Moses was in the desert for 40 years, Noah got rained on for 40 days and nights, etc.) Coincident - no way, God's purpose, but I also think a way to help the simple like me not to have to remember so many numbers - so He kept it the same - i am kind of just kidding!

Great things came to David and great things can come to us. I know there are things that I feel like God has "told" me were coming - really cool things. Do I voice them??? I am not sure. I have done it before and it was not to the right ears. I voiced things to one that had my same dreams and so it really hurt her. When my dreams began to come to fruition and not all hers did - it really hurt our friendship. Remember Joseph telling his brothers they would bow to him some day. Well, he did that as the little favorite brother standing there in his special coat his daddy (had to use the word daddy) had made him. It didn't go over too well. All still came to fruition, but not without much trouble. Humility can go a long way. So i have to get the Word out about the cruise, but it is kind of tough. I don't want to seem braggadocios, but if we don't have people come then we don't go!!! So once again humility can go a long way.

That is one of the greatest attributes i have seen of David. Humble to the core. As i continue on studying him i think the humilty might lessen just a bit - Bathsheba is coming if you know what i mean. But at the end of the day - his life - He was incredibly humble. Never so much as my Jesus - but a great example.

Lord, keep me humble and life in perspective. It is not about me, it is about You. It is about doing things in Your love and being in Your love. It is about bringing as many as possible with me on a journey closer to you. It is about laying down my pride AND dreams and walking in your will. It is about abandonment of self, but yet finding freedom in You. It is about saying no to me and yes to You every single time. It is about walking in the Spirit and not gratifying the lusts of the flesh. It is about living out the Joy of Jesus - Can we do it - Oh yeah!!! I wish I could say there is no choice, we just have to walk, but in His grace and mercy I believe He still leaves us with a choice.

Praise you Lord - I love you, I want more of You....

Elleigh has no fever and doing much better - we have walked into those "good things just around the corner"!


The Preacher's Wife said...


Loved your thoughts on being protective over your dreams as some will not share your enthusiasm. I also have someone in my life who has many gifts, yet any opportunity that comes my way seems to drive a wedge between us. I wish we could all wrap our hearts around what Moses said to Joshua in Numbers 11 - "Are you jealous for my sake? I wish all the Lord's people were prophets and that the Lord would put His Spirit on them!"

There is plenty of insight for all of us and many circles of influence. Praise God when He calls a multitude because it will take every one of us to bring in the harvest!

Hope you have a great weekend and that your radio spot went well!


GratefulBambina said...

your prayer brought tears to my eyes. I am struggling with serious bondage, and oh! how humbling, pride-breaking your prayer is. Thank you for posting it, from the bottom of my troubled heart.

PS I read your comment on the LPM blog regarding a cruise, I think it would be an AWESOME idea and I would love to be counted in !

thanks again for sharing your prayers, your thoughts, the glimpses in your daily lives -- it is truly inspiring.

maria cristina