Monday, April 30, 2007

315 - We Can't Just Sit There

Lord Jesus - thank you for a wonderful weekend, but still quite sickly. EJ had fever up until Friday night, SJ still went to bed last night with fever, and EL is all better. This strep hit us big time and I am just about over it. Being couped up in house all week is not my idea of fun! ugh! So if SJ wakes up with any fever today we will go to the doctor one more time. Ammoxycillin is like candy to my kids - we need the shot to kill this thing, possibily!

Saturday was still wonderful as Daddy left at 5:45 for a 30 mile bike ride and the girls and i set out to find a dog!!! We found one in the paper about 1 hour away - 2 year old Boston Terrier fully house trained, very tiny like 10 pounds, must have been a runt, and doesn't stink!!! Our last Boston stunk so bad we could not keep her in. She didn't even make the move - I mean, robbers came and got her!!! So I am so thankful for our newest addition.

Lord, I am still burdened by this Micah 6:8 stuff. Our man David is not making some good decisions again. Ammon has raped David's daughter Tamar, his very own half sister, and now Absalom has killed Ammon. Absalom and Tamar were whole brother and sister and Absalom and Ammon were "halfs" as well, from what i can tell. But when all this went down and Tamar was utterly destroyed as any woman would be, David got mad or furious as it explains in the Bible, BUT did nothing!!! How terrible.

David, we appreciate your getting angry, but if you don't do something to right the wrong when you have the power to do so - what good are you???? That is just another example of not living out Micah 6:8. David in this case had the right and responsibility to stick up for his own daughter and did not. Now since Absalom killed Ammon he might have thought what else can be done. But according to the Bible time line, David got "furious" with no actions before Absalom killed Ammon. SO obviously Absalom was reacting to his dad's no action... So now we have a king, David, don't forget a man after God's own heart at one time, with a daughter that has been raped by her half brother, another son seeing and hearing of the disgrace and killed her perpetrator his own brother as well, and now that son, the killer, running to get away from his sin.

I know David probably could not have seen to having his own son killed for the rape, or whatever the punishment would have been, but to just get mad and turn a head is disgusting and unacceptable in and of itself. So i have to ask myself - what kind of things do i know are going on and I just close my eyes and walk away. Abortion makes me mad and sad, but I don't think i have ever picketed a place or even been in a "support for life" kind of rally or walk. There are many very poor and hungry kids living in our small town, but i have not searched out like a vengeance to help provide. Oh I know there are other things as well. So many things can be explained away with - God has not given me a passion to help that. Isn't it great when we make it God's fault. Or i love this one, I just don't want to butt in and make it obvious that I know someone needs help. It might embarrass them. Are we worried about their embarrassment or our inconveniencing... Or how about - I am so busy i can barely provide for my own family let alone another. There can be so many that I have experienced in my life!!!

Lord, serving one another and acting justly is what You came to this earth for. Yes, certainly dieing for our sins and saving us from our own destruction, but standing up or in the place for one that could not do it for themselves. You were the greatest example of servitude, but acting justly was your purpose. You saw the injustices being done and came to right all the wrongs. You knew the only way we would be justified and known by the Father was to die. You gave it all - what is it that I can do for another??? Oh Lord, please be clear and specific!

Going to the vet, workout, grocery shopping, running, and golfing again today. Day of fun and excitement. All is contingent on whether there are still sick kids in the house or not... Oh and we have to do some letter writing and name writing to be ready for Kindergarten!!! Praise you Lord.


Nise' said...

You'll have to post a picture of you new doggie! I want another dog so bad, but am going to allow for my husband's time table as he is not sure he wants another one. Oh, it's so hard. I just want go out and get one. Hope the sickiness is G O N E. I did a fun meme today and linked to you re your purses. Please let me know if this is not okay and I will remove it.

Tracy Hurst said...

I was away last week and it is good to be back and reading your posts again! I am so sorry that your household has been sick! You amaze me - you do so much for the Kingdom and as I read your blog I can see that you are always on the go and full of energy! Congrats on your new dog! We have a maltese named "Noah" and he also weighs 10 pounds. Many blessings to you!
Tracy Hurst

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for your family to be well, Sister!