Thursday, June 07, 2007

357 - Increase my Believing

OK Lord, we have finally gotten to the "but how do i get more faith, but how do i believe more" section of the study. I am very, very much a step by step kind of person. I like a list and I like nothing left out. Working with Maggie on this new blog has been wonderful because she explains every click and copy and paste. I know nothing and she assumes that as well. She has been wonderful and done a great job i might add. So for Beth Moore to give us concrete ways on how to believe, I am loving it. Let me share those briefly...

1) Faith does - to have faith we must live out the thing. We can not just sit back and do nothing hoping for an increase. We must get ourselves up and show some actions living out what we believe.

2) Faith hears - to increase my faith I must internalize the Word. I must hear the Word, speak the Word, but abide in the Word. Remember #5 - God's word is alive and active... We must get that life in us!

3) Faith asks - "you don't have because you have not asked". We must just ask for an increase in faith or belief. It is not something we can just muster up! It is not that He has gotten given you enough - you may not have asked!

4) Faith confesses - When i ask for faith, but do not receive because of something on my own, not Him, I need to confess that I am having trouble believing. Remember the dad in Mark 9 saying, "Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!!" Oh that is so me!! Satan wants nothing more for us to hide our heads and act like we believe when we don't. Confess it and get on with it!

5) Faith grows - I find this is where many want to stop. I can hear it now. I have asked for more faith and He has not given it to me and so i just don't know what else to do...... Faith keeps growing. Faith keeps getting fed. Faith keeps feeding on Him and the Word. Faith does not stop for a break and pick back up later in life. Faith grows and grows and grows...........

Oh Lord, i confess my unbelief. I am asking that you increase my faith and belief. I know your Word is alive and active. I pray it penetrates to the very marrow of my bones. Lord, show me what there is more to believe about. Show me what it is that I can believe... What am I not believing you for right now?? Do a work in me. I give you all praise and glory! Thank you for your forgiveness!

Today is Believing God night. I have more people sign up. I am really excited. Oh Lord, keep the excitement and enthusiasm! Keep us consistent and with an understanding mind. Keep us open and vulnerable. Oh Lord, keep me on the straight and narrow and prepared!!! Keep my priorities straight and aligned with you! I love you, Lord!

oh I forgot - the kids chose to bless this little girl that broke her arm the last day of school. All last week Elleigh, my 3 year old, kept asking about her and wanting to pray for her. It was really neat. So when Friday came I suggested we bless her with a care package. It was neat. I am not sure what the heartbeat is this week.


Nicki said...

I love your new look! It's very "you"!! Have a great day!!

Dori said...

Good morning, friend!!! Thanks for sharing this. I also start this Loving Well new "thang" tonight at church and I haven't a clue how it is all going to go. Pray for me!!

I am going to join up with you on Believing God -- I just have to catch up!! :)


CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for tonight! See you tomorrow, if I can "figger" this new fangled link-thing out. even if not, I'll stop in and participate. I'm believing God for you, Leigh!

Sharon said...

I love the new look. Maybe sometime this summer I will get someone to work on mine.
So it is time to call on the God of this Universe and thank Him for His promise to show up where two or more are gathered in His name.

Thank you God for showing up at group tonight. We thank you for your sweet presence and how you are going to love on each woman tonight. Blow their minds Lord--expand their faith.
Glorify yourself tonight through Leigh.
Thank you Lord