Sunday, June 17, 2007

366 - My Daddy

Dear Dad! I have had this awesome Father's Day card sitting on my desk all week, but decided on Wednesday i was going to do things a bit different - more up with today's times of technology. So i can tell you about the card and I may even still send it, but I wanted everyone who ever reads this blog and especially for my kids one day to know exactly how much I love my dad. The grammar may be wrong, the typing pitiful, but the effort is there!

The card on the outside said, "Dad, I owe you so much." Then you open up the card and it says, "Oh wait ... I gave you a grandkid, or 2 or 3 or 4. So we're even, right?" Hee hee I liked that.

But if a child does ever really owe a parent so much, I do. Dad, more than anything your most wonderful quality or the quality I want to possess more than anything is your ability to stay calm, assess a situation, and then act on it. I have never seen you be impulsive or not think through every step of a presented problem. I love that - I am way more impulsive. I am forever desiring to have your patience. You are always so wonderful to the kids; going to the forest and explaining all the details of creation, sitting and watching a stupid show, just talking to them at the dinner table, playing games, traveling far and wide to support them in their activities - it goes on and on. A superb granddad!! I love that!

I will never forget all the mornings even way into high school you waking me up before you left for work to give me a hug and kiss! I cherished knowing my dad took time to say good-bye and really loved me. I knew so many other girls in school did not have that and had no idea what a love of a dad was. As a little, little girl I remember the cheese eggs you would make me. I was a picky girl. You did everything possible to help me eat the right things and that took some creativity. Breakfast time was always so special just because my dad took the time to do it!

I remember the time you went to Norway and brought me back a native doll. She had a black dress with red apron and black fuzzy shoes with a plaid little hat. She also had blonde hair. I wish i still had her. I remember seeing you cry as you drove away to start work in New York. That about more than i could handle. We could not go up there with you just yet. It always reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. Charles Ingall's had to go west and find a place suitable for the family. He built the cabin and made everything just perfect before the family came. That is what my dad was doing in New York for us. At least that is what I was thinking. I remember you teaching me to ride my tiny little purple bike. I remember getting the croup so often. That was always a Derrick's morning of hot chocolate and hashbrowns. Oh i miss that too. I remember you pulling my teeth - every one of them! I remember you teaching me to thrown a ball the right way. I remember you teaching me to drive the riding lawn mower. I remember you praying in church. I remember you teaching us SS, being in the class, keeping the boys straight, taking roll, etc... I remember seeing you have a quiet time and praying in your chair! I remember you picking me up from 3rd grade because you had been to a toastmasters thingy and taking me out to lunch all by yourself! I remember being very sacred of you after surgery - it was not my dad!!! I remember missing my dad and hardly being able to wait for you to join back up with us in Texas as you finished out that New York job. Oh I remember finding out we were not moving to Calgary. My memories are so wonderful. I have not even made it to Jr. High or High School.

All i really know is that my dad, you!!, was so wonderfully special in my life that all I wanted to do is make you proud and see you smile. Hearing you yell, "Let's go Leigh-Babe!" from the stands made me try even harder...usually. Dad, your encouragement and love has made the confident and independent girl I am today. I know that the path I choose through jr.high and high school was a direct result of knowing that my daddy loved me, he trusted me, and thought i was more than just special - I was his world too. Just having that even subconsciously made me proud of my body making sure no one was going to dishonor it. It made me respect myself and let no one talk me into anything. It made me strong and an example that God could use in extreme ways. I am tooting my horn - this is all because I was secure in my daddy's love. It is huge for a girl! It was all because of what you did for me!!

Dad, to this day my heart melts to think i have disappointed. My heart melts if i think you are sad. My heart melts when i see you love on the kids. My heart melts when i see you and mom hugging. (that is whole 'nother tangent i could go down - how the way you lived taught me about the kind of husband i wanted to find. (I about screwed up in college, but you were patient and prayed for me.)) My heart melts when i see you laughing until you cry over something. My heart melts when I see you in back pain. My heart melts as you and mom play so hard in basketball. My heart melts to hear mom talk about all the great things you have ever done that i would have never known about because of your great humility. My heart still melts when i get my hug and kiss on the cheek!!! So special!!

I love you Dad!!! I hope you don't mind the world knowing how incredibly special you are to me and what an unbelievable father you are! I wanted some way of shouting it from the mountain tops - world wide web was second best! Thank you for your example, thank you for your support, thank you for your encouragement, thank you for your love, and thank you for your prayers!!! I love you Dad!!!! Happy Father's Day.


Deborah said...

Leigh How bless you are my dear dolla friend to have a testimony about a praying dad. I know my girls will grow up with this legacy. love always me

Holli said...

Wow, how very beautiful!
I know you Daddy will cherish these words the rest of his days.
How blessed you are!