Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fruity and Rockin' - Can it Be???

This just can not be - Fruity and Rockin' all in the same week or day. Nise emailed me to tell me that I was given the Rockin' Girl Blogger. I am a girl, I am a blogger, but I don't know if i am rockin'.........hee hee - thank you Nise, I appreciate your sweet, kind, wonderful words and encouragement!!

Girls that I think Rock are... and many, many more...

Dori at Your Word is life to me
Valarie at Val's Walk of Faith
Karen at Surviving Motherhood
Lucy at All things Lucy
Tracy at


******************************update - Sharon at Hoosier Family helped me figure this deal of posting and saving pictures - By the way Sharon - You rock!!! Thank you!***************

OK - there is this really cute "button" that one is suppose to put on their posts to let others know about the "award". Well, i tried the best i can to copy it from Nise's blog - Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Me - and could not. SO if you want to see that cute button and place it on your blog too - you will have to go to Nise's blog to get that - obviously I am.......stupid - don't tell my kids i said that word!!!


A Hoosier Family said...

To get a pic you can't copy. You need to save to your computer or a photo hosting site and upload directly to your site. Hope this helps! :0)

Tracy Hurst said...

Oh girl, I needed this "Rock'in Award" to today - it is my 35th Birthday and I was just telling Jesus this morning how I felt (I am going through a little self-esteem crisis right now - it will pass, but I must go through it- ya know?) But to have you give me this award is my sweet Jesus saying to me today, "Tracy, you are still Rock'in to me." This is my gift from God today! :)

This is starting off my Birthday with a smile. Thank you! Thank you! And Leigh you do Rock:)

I love you,

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks, Leigh.
You may not have been reading my blog long enough to know Joshua and I have a "You Rock!" game we play. One of says, "You rock!" The other says, "You rock more than me." Then the first says, "You rock more than I ever will!"
So this award makes me smile. :)

Valarie said...

OOOOHHHHHHHH!!! YOU SAID THE "S" WORD!!!!! That's what happens in my house when someone says stupid!! Likely yours too, huh?!

Thanks girl and you DO ROCK!!!!
Love ya

Susanne said...

Not only are you fruity and Rockin' but I gave you the Reflections award, too!! Come on over and check it out!!