Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Off to Cabo Fish Taco!!

Hey - I leave tomorrow morning from my house around 4:30am. I am driving to Evansville and then flying off to Charlotte, NC where I will speak on loving strangers and how we display to them whether we know the Lord or KNOW the Lord. It is the first 3rd of my book written with my cousin, Heather Hargis, coming out hopefully in Feb. 2008.

Please pray for me as I deliver His message and minister to these ladies. I am so excited to see some familiar faces and eat really, really good food!!! Oh how i miss that food! Cabo Fish Taco. I know it sounds awful, but it is the best!!!!!! Be brave!!

I have new thingies on each sidebar. One is a button for the Fruit of the Spirit. It was an Honor and surprise to be chosen for that - I will explain more soon, but i have got to get to bed!! Then on the other side I have listed some of the messages that those interested can get on DVD or CD. Questions - email me or leave a comment!!! Love those comments!!!

Have a totally terrific, totally tubular, totally tantalizing day tomorrow. Why? HE is worthy!!!


eph2810 said...

Needed to read this up-lighting last sentence tonight, sweet Leigh...I guess you can say I am in a little pit right now :)
He indeed is worthy have having a terrific, totally tubular, totally tantalizing day tomorrow.

Have a safe trip--and I just LOVE fish tacos :).

Be blessed today and always.

CrownLaidDown said...

I woke up praying for you today! Have a wonderful trip...the tacos, eh? well, I'm not so sure about those! We have a Wahoo's here that advertises fish tacos, and I can't bring myself to it, so I go to Jason's Deli next door.
Have fun and may God truly Speak Thru You Leigh!

Connie Barris said...

HEY wait on me.. did you say fish taco... I'd eat fish eggs.. I mean like scrambled.. not caviar... yuk...

Wow.. I would love to be there with you and listen to you speak. I know you are awesome.. Can't wait to hear more....
so in the meantime.. have a terrific, totally tubular, totally tantalizing day... why... ahhh for HE is Worthy....


Sandy said...

Oh my...fish tacos....just not sure on that one!

and yes.....He is worthy!!!!
Amazing Love how can it be that you my God should die for me!
May God use you greatly as you speak for Him.

Karen said...

Love the last sentence! I hope your book is able to come out in Feb! I would definately like to purchase it :-) And that is great that you got your messages on CD and DVD. I just may be getting some of those from you next week. I pray that God will guide the words you speak to those women. And I will also pray for safe travels.

Blessings to you and yours~