Thursday, August 30, 2007

421 - Up to the Brim, No, Overflowing!

Howdy and yippe hi aye - Jesus it is a great morning and I am happy to be studying your word! I have come to a beautiful verse in Philippians this morning. Verse 4:19 - "And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Oh boy, does that get me excited!! Paul is talking about how the people in Phillipi have been so generous to supply aid to him and he is reminding them in such a way that God will do the same for them. Being in ministry that really excites me and blesses me. I remember when I was with Proverbs 31 Ministries and we went through many lean months, months that they had to call on the speakers to give generously, and then ask anyone and everyone to give as well. I was OK with that - I am a giver, He just made me that way. But for others it can be really tough.

What about asking for donations and help financially? One friend of mine is going to Africa and actually she can pay her own way. She was asking me if she should just do that and not worry about asking others. I told her NO!!! Some people the Lord has gifted financially and they are the ones that will give to things, but He never calls to GO. So if she and others never ask then they are prohibiting these givers from fulfilling part of their purpose in life. God can just make money to appear on our doorstep or a check in the mail, but many, many times it is through others giving people after being asked that He provides for our needs! Oh Lord, that excites me. I know that when I have the non-profit status all set up I will sending out a letter asking for donations for various things - new ring, clothes, perfume - JOKING, I AM JUST JOKING, hee hee - and that will be easy for some and really tough for others. Just He will meet all my NEEDS.

I like that it says He will meet - that kind of reminds me of meeting someone for a meeting. Sometimes you get there early, sometimes after the assigned time, but nevertheless you meet at some point. The way God provides is always different. I do know He doesn't make mistakes so what seems late to us it is perfect to Him. He does meet early at times and then it is our responsibility to save and be wise with the money. That is hard at times when there are so many other things to be done. But He always meets with purpose and I think that applies to money as well. God is purposeful and gives to certain allocations at times as well. That is just the so very cool creativity of Him. I am learning that day by day with this house construction kind of thing. With my new job I am asking God what I can pay for - a cabinet, a shower curtain, a decorative vase, or does a portion go back into ministry after first giving His portion? I mean what is it Lord? He will tell me, He is faithful like that and cares about the details. We talk like that! Oh Lord, I thank you in advance for all the way you will meet my needs. I thank you that you have never been late one time. I thank you that you have been so faithful in the past and never forgotten me!! I love you, Lord.

I went to my first day of training yesterday and had a blast. It was moving and exciting and not boring at all. I can't wait to really be on my own so that I can figure things out on my own. I go in today for another 3 hours. Then on Friday I am going to take one last trip to Evansville with Courtney like we did so often last year during the school day. I look forward to spending some solid time with her.

The house is coming along so well. The guys are working so hard and it is so hot. The heating and air guys started yesterday taking out all those radiators - those are so heavy... We got the "servant" stairs taken out and the bottom portion turned into a pantry. The top portion of those stairs will be turned to go up to the third floor. Right now it looks like an elevator could fit in just perfectly! Now that's an idea - just kidding hubby!! All the wood to build the walls on the third floor has been brought up and building has begun! Oh I just love it!!! It is so fun!

Thank you Jesus - thank you for an awesome day and it has only just begun!!!

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Sharon said...

Even Paul talked about what he would be withholding from the people if he did not accept help from them.
We get blessed when we bless.It is all a part of giving our tithes and offerings.
May God continue to bless and lead you as you walk the path that He has ordained for you.