Friday, September 14, 2007

433 - Update on Purses

Here are just a few new ones... Let me know if you are interested!

Leigh Gray

PO Box 72

Norris City, Il. 62869


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I'm going to order as soon as the hubby says okay!! We have had some serious medical bills this summer!!! Praying lots of people will partake of the purse goodness!

Every woman needs a new bag!


jen said...

CUTE !!!!! Okay... I know I've asked before but I forgot... how much are the black ones at the bottom?

Patty said...

I am sorry but I forgot how much the brown quilt bag with the polka dots is? Hopefully I can talk someone into buying that for me! :o)

Katy said...

oh my goodness....i just adore the bags you make! They are beautiful. I love the shabby chic ones!! Too cute! You do a GREAT job! I am bookmarking your site....i can't afford one right now..but maybe someday! :) Thanks so much!

stephanie said...

How much is the brown polkadot/quilt one - so cute! :)

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Leigh Gray said...

Hi Stephanie - If i have any of those left it would be black. Let me check. Check back and see if i could find one... i might have brown, i just can not remember right off hand...... i will check, but please feel free to ask and remind me if i walk away and just forget to check - it is so likely........


Leigh Gray said...

Stephanie I found one for you... Is Phil. 4:13 ok iff i can not get Mark 10:27??