Monday, October 15, 2007

457 - Reflections

Dear Lord, this past weekend was my first Corn Day. Around here it does not matter how small your town is they have a nice size fall festival kind of deal with rides, games, crafts, eating, parade, etc. But by Corn Day a family is pretty much broke from Popcorn Day, Dairy Day, Mule Day, Crossville Days........... and there are some more in there we did not even know about. But all these festivals are good reflection of the towns around.

Yesterday at my church FBC Carmi, we had an older preacher lead the service. He was the one that preached for us when we were without a preacher for some time. He was incredible. From what I understand he was there in a time that they church needed healing, etc. It really leads me to believe why the church is so incredibly friendly and loving right now. Like our current pastor, Luke, he is a man of prayer - the most important characteristic of a growing and thriving church, I believe. This fil in preacher's sermon title was "What I have learned in 75 years". He was great!

I am getting ready to write my next Bible study retreat for a church in Platteville, WI. and Hutto, Tx. It is neat how God has orchestrated 2 churches so very, very far and different asking for the same kind of theme of reflecting His Image, etc. I am excited to see God develop these messages! It is my favorite part of ministry! When He..................... Speaks Thru Me.

"As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man." Prov. 29:17. There is so much in that verse I can hardly begin. But on my heart today is a very general, more broad reflection. Below you will see a review of my church's numbers a few weeks ago. It is a reflection of the heart of the church and its people.

My church in Charlotte, a very, very healthy church, had a huge Sunday School emphasis. The church had about 17,000 members and so on any given Sunday we could have any where from 7000 to 8500 come to all the services. But on a given Sunday we would get real excited if we broke the 4000 to 5000 mark for Sunday School. Why was the staff so persistent about SS, it is a huge reflection of the heart of the church. Those typically that attend SS are much more committed members, tithers, and faithful to watch things work out, grow, and change. They have a better perspective on the workings of the church and the heart of the ministers. Bottom line - a church that has a positive SS attendance in relationship to its Worship attendance is a church in a good way. The reflection is a strong one!

Lord, I thank you that above i can see that my little church in Carmi is in a good way. On this particular Sunday we had 154 in SS and 182 in our worship service. That means there were only about 30 people that came in later to just receive a Sunday word just from the service. That is so exciting!! This to me explains why i have yet to be at a function or social at the church that has not been packed out, fully loaded, crowded, but in a good way. These people are committed to each other, the church, and their Lord Jesus. One of the preacher's points yesterday was about being connected in the fellowship. Not just being an attender, but one involved! This little board in the hallway of the church reflects a church that is healthy and with great committment. It is a church that is gearing up for Revival and I believe God is going to knock our socks off!! Luke, our pastor, such a Godly man and a man of prayer and passion, it seems like God can't help but bless and pour out His favor on this church. I am honored to serve here, I am honored to be called to this church. Lord, may I be the kind of member that is supporting and not just taking. May I be the kind of member that is prayerful and passionate. May I be the kind of member that reflects the heart of Jesus - the way You feel about the body of Christ. Thank you for showing me the heart of this little church in such a concrete way. I love you!


A Place For Ministry Wives said...

For a church with those numbers...the offering seems to reflect their hearts, too. And, apparently, their hearts are full and overflowing. :-) What a blessing God has placed you there.

Nicki said...

Oh Leigh! It sounds like your little church is right on the mark!! That is HUGE that many attend Sunday school as well as service! It does make my heart long for the small church I grew up in for seven years in Arizona. We were like one big family!! How exciting about your bible study retreats!! Sounds amazing! Maybe one day I'll get to come to one! =) Have a great week!

ps- forgot to update but I did lose one pound last that's a total of four, but I'm back on track now!! VICTORY in Jesus!! =)

ange said...

You know I will be praying for that Hutto message. I will BE THERE!!!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

That is just awesome!! May the love for the Father in those hearts be seen in your community and as a result, revival take place!

Love you!

Melissa May said...

Looking forward to reading about what God shows you about us reflecting His image. I'm praying God will lead you to just exactly the right Bible passages the right truths hidden in them and that you reflect His image as you share what He teaches you. : )

Patriot said...

I'm very encouraged to hear about churches who are faithful - no matter how big or small! It makes me feel a sense of unity!

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Lisa said...

Thanks Leigh....that would be wonderful if she would. she could even call me and I would call her back so it won't long distance for her. I had a down time last night and it was awful. The high time I feel like my adrenaline is pumping but the lows are very depressive.

thanks again,