Wednesday, October 31, 2007

467 - Living in unity

Oh Father - the last couple of days have been so wonderful as I have been taking my time getting here and there since quitting work. My favorite part is being able to prayer walk the town of Carmi while she has been in school. Elleigh is in school from 8am to 10:40. No, i can't walk that long, but i have been taking at least an hour and carving out a path all over Carmi. It has been a blast. I have made a conscious effort to not wear any music so that I can just talk with You. I am not sure how long this will last. But for these last couple of days I have enjoyed my time. Since today is trick o treat night I really do need to walk the entire 2 hours and 40 minutes. ha

Lord Jesus I was talking with my friend the other day about husbands. We were discussing how it is hard to follow at times. She specifically had seen her husband become attached to some guys in a Bible study, but as far as the women section of this group there was little to be desired. She wanted to move on, but was having a hard time convincing her husband. They needed unity.

I knew something was up in my life. I was giving a message on friendships and in that is a scripture about living in unity. Well, i had never dissected the verse before. A friend of mine, very godly woman (Bonita) gave me this verse a while back to pray over unity situations. That I did, but researching the verse I didn't. So in preparing again for this message delivery the Lord told me to dissect. At the same time I felt it was for the groups purpose, but as usual so much more for my purpose.

Romans 15:5-6 May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, 6so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When i looked up the word "unity" i found that it meant very much what you would think except for this one phrase - to think the same thing. So living in unity means not to just agree with teeth gritted and walk away - it means to think the same thing - to be totally sold out on a decision - to be so convinced that you could sell the idea to the next person - to think the same thing. wow!!! So that was cool until it was my turn.

I was going to speak on this cruise, but after much problems the cruise was cancelled. Well all those that were going sort of because of me - and let's not forget the fact that they wanted to go on a cruise - are still going through the cruise line. And my sweet friend from Norris City whom I hardly get to see was going to go as well. She is a teacher and was allowed to take the whole week off. Rachel still wanted to go even though it was cancelled through the speaking agency, but we could still get on with Carnival. Of course I wanted to go as well, but had to talk it over with the hubby. My initial thought was that he would have no problem with me going - no big deal. But I had to come up with $550 by November 15. Yikes!!!

After talking to Clay.................he said no. He explained that everyone else pretty much has had months to save the money and pay a little at a time. We have not had that privilege. It was right at the time that we most likely will be moving into the house. I have had some other events come up and it was a busy time anyway. We are once again a 2 house family and that money could really be used in better areas. Finding people to keep the kids for a week while i was gone for ministry is one thing, but just for a fun trip during the school year - well, let's just say i was sad..............

As i was thinking about how i was going to tell everyone - of course i wanted to complain and do possibly just a teeny tad husband bashing - the Lord reminded me of "unity". Not exactly what i wanted to be reminded of!!! So with a huge deep breath I explained to my momma and in turn she explained to all my aunts and cousins and their friends what the deal was. Then the worst of all having to tell Rachel. I hated every second of it. She was so kind to listen and understand. But i feel unity. I do see all of Clay's points as valid and can honestly say i am "thinking the same thing" after much prayer and gritting it out. It was not an immediate thing for me. It took time and much swallowing of pride!! But we are on the same page and unity is accomplished.

Lord, those lessons are hard, but so rewarding. No, a new car has not shown up at my door or a check for ministry or anything tangible for the obedience, but just knowing that I have done as your Word tells me to is enough. Part of living in unity is the peaceful reward You give a willing heart. Thank you Jesus! Thank you my Lord. I love you so!!

Off to get ready for the day. Got to get the princesses - their Halloween costumes - up and ready and get that basketball player to the dentist at 8am - all 4 of them!!!!! Who scheduled that - oh, that was me! And then school parties all day long!!! Loving Life and Loving my Lord!!


Dori said...

Good morning, Sunshine! I'm blessed by your words this morning. I have missed you. Just haven't had much "online time" in about a week.

Just wanted you to know that you still speak to me...every single morning!! Give me something to take away and "chew on."

Blessings, friend!

Leigh Gray said...

hey dori friend - love you so much. thank you for your encouragement. your post yesterday was one that i had to sit a spell with! love it!!

hey - if you get a few minutes go press a few google adds. I am almost at the point where I get my first pay out - $100. I really need it in the ministry budget and I think it takes about 30 days to come through... thank you everyone!!

Nicki said...

Wow, I was just blessed so much by this post...I woke up this morning feeling so much better about things but I still needed "something"....the Lord used you my friend! I love you "radical" acts of obedience at ALL COSTS, no matter how much it hurts, the blessing is always better on the "other" side of it all, in this case, the unity aspect of it.

I'd love to move your way! Let's pray!!! =)

Leigh Gray said...

can't have north carolina then i will bring North carolina to me!!!

come and bring all!!

i will be praying, seriously!!!

love, Leigh

Fran said...

Oh Leigh! Thank you friend for another amazing Word. I'm all over this scripture on unity. I'm taking it with me today and praying over it and a certain situation. How timely God is!!!

And, I had a walk with Jesus all over Union last week with no Ipod and my first reaction was NOOOOO I can't handle music...seriously?! But, during that time of just me and Jesus I prayed like nobodys business. It was awesome and such a blessing for me. Good for you girl. That is precious time with Jesus.

I sure hope to see you this weekend!!! Let me know your plans and I can hopefully come hug that sweet neck!!


Leah in Iowa said...

Thanks for that post, Leigh! God places our husbands over us for a reason - I'm glad you came to the point of being united with him.

I'm off to press a few google ads for you! =)

Leah in Iowa said...
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Lindsee said...

I love prayer walks!! :) Thank you for the reminder of them...

Glad your are enjoying not working!


A Place For Ministry Wives said...

I'm thrilled about everything God has done (and continues to do) that I read about in this post...being able to quit your job, the cruise thing, the extended time with God. It's all so awesome, friend.