Thursday, January 31, 2008

530 - Purse and products!!! Incredible!!!

These are going to be really tough not to keep for myself!!! $35
But then again - I really want one of these!! Great for Spring! $35
These are awesome for any time!! $35
This has more of a boat shape! $35
Goodness gracious - PINK!!! $35
These bracelets are silver - not the least bit of gold on them! $10
This is a rather big pearl bracelet with a cross prayer box! $10
This smaller pearl bracelet has silver beads in between each pearl. The "fish" says Jesus. $10
All of these are silver as well. Some beads are colored. Gorgeous - love 'em! $10
These are suppose to be key fob kind of things! $10
Please let me know if i can get one of these to you. Hubbies, don't forget Valentines. Moms, don't forget Valentines for those girlie girls!


Leigh said...

I love those things, Leigh! I may have to succumb and purchase one of the silver cross bracelets. I will let you know. So pretty!

fuzzytop said...

Hi Leigh! I love the silver bracelets with the crosses; my favorite is the one on the far right. Can you email me with a total and I'll send you $ with Paypal.


Mel's World said...

Seriously Leigh...did you make all of those? Girl, you are super talented in so many different ways!


Wani said...

What cool stuff! Its motivated me to get out the new sewing machine I got for Christmas and actually figure out how to use it! THANKS!