Sunday, February 10, 2008

538 - Objects in picture may not be as they appear...

OK - so here we are again. We are only weeks away if everyone does their job!! This week the first floor floors will be done and hopefully some much needed plumbing! Then painters will come back to put final coats on everything. We will start the kids in school On March 3. We are oh so very close!! I am so excited!!

Here is the unfinished bead board in the 2nd floor bathroom. This room has a ways to go!! My father in law did all this wood work - he is very crafty!!!

I don't know if you remember before, but this room used to be filled with tile, supplies, etc!!
My painted bead board. I love it!!!!!! It was such an awesome touch. I saw this first from my home interior decorating guru of a friend, Tara. Incredible talent that woman has and she allows me to steal her ideas!! Love it! BTW - they are about 1/2 way up the wall. TALL!
This is looking into the kitchen from the dining room. Missing is the frig. Half wall is where the bar will go.
This is a gigantic ceiling fan - I can not even tell you how huge it is - in my chocolate master suite. It would be just another bedroom without chocolate!!
This is not real exciting, but this is my outside ceiling on the veranda - wood floor ceiling... We are replacing the eletrical for a fan!! We love fans!

Ok - well here it is. The BLUE... It is more like robin egg blue, but definitely blue. You know the brown and blue and tan colors that are real popular right now - that blue... Just go with me!! More of the blue and looking inot that hallway with the bead board! love it!!
This is the dining room beige and brick red. It has about 2 or 3 more coats to go - at least.
Here is the kitchen cabinets done by Dream Cabinets. Love them!!!
My stove will sit between those 2 cabinets with a high bar behind it. From the ceiling will be one of those hang down light/pot holder kind of thingies. We still have our Norris City house to sale. Please, please keep that on your list. We would greatly appreciate it! Come by and see us - doors always open - well you know what i mean!


CrownLaidDown said...

OH, Leigh I just LOVE it!

Praying for your house to sell.
Love ya!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Holly girl - we are snowed in or i should say iced in!!

thanks for the comment - have a wonderful day.

is your church retreat this weekend? you going?

love, Leigh