Tuesday, April 22, 2008

576 - Carmi from my perspective - 2nd post today

Carmi has a huge amount of absolutely gorgeous houses for a small town of 5000. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much I do driving by these beauties every day. There are so many more, but ........time! I will put pictures of my own house and purses I have promised later today or tomorrow. Thank you.
This house is THE Mansion to my family. I have heard there is a ballroom on the top floor. It has been for sale many times I believe is for sale right now.

If you can see, this is called Bedford Stone. It is like really long rock stone. It is very indicative for this area. I have never seen it anywhere else than Southern Illinois and Indiana.

Boots the cat sleeps on the dog's bed ALL the time!

I wish I could show you this house better. It is massive and beautiful!

This picture does not do my favorite house in all of Carmi justice. It is a really cool stone with an extremely well manicured lawn. I walked by it everyday...on my walk.

This is the preacher's house. Wonderfully decorated on the inside and always kept tidy!

I am not signing up to do window duty. I would love to see the inside of this house.

I just love this one because of the portico. I love any kind of open drive thru thingy.

This is my church. Big church on the corner of the main street.

Yes, your observations are correct. There is no playground on the whole property. I have always found that so odd and strange - no place to play outside!

This is the oldest house in Carmi. Emmajoy said the Abe Lincoln stops by for lunch, but she didn't think it was recent. ha

I just love all the landscaping with this house. It just looks so inviting and tender!

See the Dogwood. Oh I just love it!! And another portico.

This has been for sale as well. It is a real home, not a funeral home. Very stately.

This is my down the road neighbor. She and my hubby are on the Library board with some other fine folks. Don't you just love that cone roof.

Downtown at it's finest. I love that old truck off to the left in the picture. Makes it look older than it is.

I just think this is a really interesting house. There were places like this is Greece.

I think this is where Hansel and Gretel(???) came for soup. This is the cutest little pink house ever. And the flowers - millions of tulips.

This is part of our flooding. This is not suppose to be water here. And it is very deep.

I just think this house is kept so neat and clean. Not even sure if anyone lives there.

This is my diagonal neighbor. They do all kinds of entertaining here. It is not unusual to see him in a tux often. Incredible house and yard!!

And this is the other diagonal. Just a gorgeous street.

Even though this house appears to be old, it is a newer home made to look old. I love the scalloped shingles.

Another favorite. What a bold and beautiful color. This could easily sit right on the beach as well. Love the porch swings.

Really, this is our cleaners. Building looks worse than it is I guess. No damage with the earthquake.

Sarahjane and her friend at High School Musical.

Emmajoy and sister's friend at HSM on Ice.

Elleigh Belleigh and Boots.

And this is the thanks I get for taking them to High School Musical on Ice.

All the girlies!!!


Nicki said...

What a CUTE town!! If you get those people in that white house with the columns up the front to sell, we'll come!! =) hee hee!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

I will let them know you are interested!!! Yeah - I knew you would come to your senses!!! love you, Leigh

Becoming Me said...

What awesome photos. Such a quaint town and the girls are darling

Leah in Iowa said...

Hang on - I gotta get a Kleenex to wipe up the drool on my keyboard. Are you kidding me? What a great town, and what gorgeous houses!! Can't wait to see the latest photos of yours, too! =)

Dori said...

Leigh, Leigh, Leigh...

I've picked my house...


Well, of course, it is the RED "could easily sit right on the beach" house! That's mine!! Love the red. Love the porch. Love it all.

Carmi, here I come!!

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

But could we do something about moving that fault line???

Love you,

Sarah Martin said...

High School musical looked like a fun outing-what a cool mom you are!!! Your girls are precious