Friday, May 02, 2008

583 - Have You Met My Jesus?

Jesus, I know it is still early, but i have sat here for a good 30 minutes trying to write and had so many interruptions. First was a huge cat fight that I had to scream from the window to break up. What a horrible sound. Our Boots cat is in the hospital right now - been there since Monday - for some kind of fight or something. Hopefully he will get out today. He was so pitiful!! Then Lu Lu woke up, the dog, needing to go outside. So now I am finally sitting down to get this all out.

Today we go to Evansville to have my plantar faciastis (my heel and arch hurt and burn like crazy) looked at and Emmajoy has some virus thingies on her neck that need to be removed. Please be praying for her. They will have to be burned or frozen off. She thinks she is ready....I think I am ready. We shall see. There was someone in her class making fun of her for them - they do look like zits - and it crushed her so bad. So now, she is ready........we think!

Have you met my Jesus? Oh goodness. I was in Matt. 3:13-15 this morning and just reminded what happens when we meet our Jesus. I know that Jesus and John the Baptist were only 6 months apart, but did they grow up knowing each other? I don't know. We don't know much about Jesus' childhood and what MOPS group His mom went to and all. It just seems like after the encounter Elizabeth and Mary had when Elizabeth realized Mary was "holding" the Savior of the world she would have wanted or tried to keep in contact and let the kids play together. But with the way traveling and distances were back then even 10 driving miles away would have been a mere struggle to work with. Plus at Mary's young age I am sure she kept herself pregnant as was the custom. I don't know if you have ever done it, but traveling with young children especially if anyone is potty training is not so much fun. No way!!!

As John was baptising all the people of that day he looked up and saw Jesus in line. (This is my imagination.) John stopped and told Jesus this was not right - You should be baptising me, not me you. I just can't do this. I can't even tie your sandals... In verse 15 "Jesus replied, 'Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do now to fulfill all righteousness.'" And the awesome scripture tell us "John consented". And that is where I want to rest - consented.

The word consented there means 'to let go of one's power or possessions', release from obligation, let go from oneself, etc. I just about want to jump out of my skin in excitement when I read the real meaning of that verse and all that entails. Jesus was asking John to do something he did not feel worthy of doing. This was a blessing and honor. Jesus told him this had to be done to make "things right". And then John consented - John let go of his own power, he was released from the obligation of it being about him, he let go of his own self and let God. Do you see??

When Jesus calls us to do something even when we don't see the reason, purpose, clarity, or even understand - it seems absurd - if we will let go of what seems to make sense, let go of our own understanding and sense, if we will let go of PRIDE, and let go of what feels comfortable we may be ready to see the greatest blessing right before our eyes.

John consented and baptized. Just a few verses down you will see this is where the sky opened up and God proclaimed for all to hear "This is my Son, whom I love, with him I am well pleased." If anyone was not sure of Jesus true identity, on that day because John consented - let go of his own self - people from all over, and John himself, were able to see and hear the TRUTH!

Have you come face to face with Jesus, heard Him knock on your door, and not consented? Have you seen Jesus in the eyes of other believers and still said no thanks? Have you seen Jesus displayed through the generous hands of another bringing you a meal, helping with your house, sending you a card, or even giving that smile? Yes, that is Him, that is my Jesus. He is waiting. It is only righteous and fulfilling His will for you to consent, open the door, and say, yes, come on in and take over. Jesus, rearrange, and do your work here. Jesus, be my Lord and Savior. I consent - I am yours. He will not force Himself on you! He is waiting patiently, but I can tell you for sure, time is running out. Will you do it today? Have you met my Jesus? Love to talk with you more - cletus 104 at gmail dot com.

This short devotion, cleaned up of course, will run in a few weeks in my town's newspaper column I write for weekly. Would you please be praying for the eyes that will read this? I pray there is someone that will respond to this invitation in some way. Thank you in advance.

Having a garage sale tomorrow. Not so much to sale, but need to get rid of some things in the garage. We will use that money to buy some shelving for the basement. Then we can really have a garage. Please pray for Emmajoy. We are so ready to be out of school. Kids love school, but i am so sick of homework. I have never seen so much in all my born days... ugh!!!!!! Even my kindergartner has homework every night. We don't always do it, but we have it! It is probably the 3 having homework that overwhelms me - they seem fine!! I just am so not a teacher. Homeschoolers, bless you!!!!!! Oh - were you sad to see Brooke go on American Idol?? We were so sad. Jesus, may we have an incredibly blessed day - may we bless you!! I love you!


Shonda said...

Great devotion for the paper. I homeschool and I thank you for the blessing. I said a prayer for you and Emmajoy.

Blessings in Christ--

Kate said...

Ohhh, that's good. I went to the Beth Moore conference this weekend and she talked about the same thing...being called and moving out of your comfort zone to do what he has called us to do. She spoke on Matt 16:24+. It's a difficult thing stepping out...of course you know that, but I have in the past experienced so much FEAR in that, I think I'm kind of excited now.
Anyway, thanks...great post.