Wednesday, October 29, 2008

647 - Tell Him All

I just realized this morning that you can not - or I can not - upload anything to Youtube over 10 minutes...  Maybe it is my computer or something.  But I don't need to have anything longer than that anyway.  So to say all that I wanted you to know that the beginning and very end is chopped off a little bit...  It was so early this morning when I taped this that it took me a while to get going anyway.  So you may not notice much is missing anyway...  Ok - Here is Wednesday in the Word!!


Toknowhim said...


Love the new video... I think one of the first times I came across your blog I could tell you were a woman of passion and love for the Lord through your writing. So neat to see that played out live.

You are teaching a message today that I believe you have lived out through your blog...Honesty...

May I always stay honest with God, but like you said remember He is God and deserves my reverance and respect.

Jennifer Rothschild (I went to her conference this past weekend) said something like this... We can ask questions of God, but we should never question God's character. He is God, and He is good.

Will be back Leigh!!! Kim

Valarie said...

Amen sista! Why we try to put on our 'face' with God is beyond me? He made us - especially women - to be emotional and so why would we think He wouldn't want us expressing our emotions, even anger, to Him? I didn't get that for a LONG time, but once I did there was such freedom to be had. Such joy in my heart and such a deep relationship with my Abba Daddy! Amazing!

Love this format sista!

HIS Child said...


I am glad your back. I love the format and the message. I have found the sweetest moments with HIM when I am real, and raw and honest. I love Him and KNOW that He is Lord.
There have been sometimes when I have cried out in my circumstances and He has responded so quick it sets me back in awe and other times He lets me vent and that diffuses things. After that I can't help but praise because He is so faithful in bringing me to rememberance regarding His Hand over my life.
Thank you for your passion and the ability to communicate it with a love for Him.
God bless,

Melissa May said...

Thanks so much, Leigh! I needed to be reminded of that tonight! I have even taught before the same thing - to TELL GOD the truth about how we're feeling, etc. but realized as I listened to you that lately I've been trying to stuff and ignore and grumble about the way I'm feeling (hoping the feelings will just go away) rather than bringing them to God and dumping them at His feet for Him to sort through. He and I are gonna talk tonight. : )

I always enjoyed reading your blog, but I love listening/watching you even more.

Looking forward to the next one!

vicki said...

Hi girl,
Sorry to hear your under the weather. Feel better soon. I luv your new format. Almost feel like your you're right here. I so agree with what you said about just telling HIm like it is. I'm sure He doesn't want us just to accept what we don't understand or what we think is unfair. I love the fact that I can go to Him and tell Him its not fair, and know that He still loves me.

Smileyface said...

Oh glad you are back:) have missed you....and LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing your voice and "seeing you in person" what a treat.

This was such a blessing....and spoke directly to my heart. I have been having "heart issues" with respecting my husband in the past year and I think this applies to my Heavenly Father too. Just really convicts me that honesty is okay but only if it's respectful and reverant at the same time.

You are such a blessing...keep shining! PS....watching you tonite reminded me of beth moore in so many!

Smileyface said...

Hi's me again...
I am Laura from northern Illinois that asked you about speaking at our MOPS group.
Just wanted to say this: I LOVED your hairstyle in your first video you looks great on you ;) AND I look forward to your blog everyday.....even more now with the videos!
Thank you for allowing God to pour thru you into us.