Wednesday, November 19, 2008

656 - Praising Who?


Victoria said...

You know, we all have different people in our lives, at different times, that lead us to praise the Lord. As corny as it sounds, you are that person for me right now. Uplifting, real, and in touch with His Truth, inviting, friendly to people whom you've never met (like me). You are so encouraging as a sister in Christ! I'm reading more, I'm writing more, I'm sharing more...Praise God, because of you!

Especially Heather said...

AWESOME! I am so blessed by you and your authentic transparency.

I would have to say my dear friend Michelle. Even though her husband and her have gone through some rough times as of late (lost her job while pregnant) she still has a smile on her face and loves the Lord passionately. She is such a dear sweet friend and I praise God for her every single day :)

Thanks for asking this question, and stirring my heart. It was good!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Victoria - thanks for your sweetness. Like you said it IS corny because i am such a stinker. God's grace is so abundant in my life!!!!!! because i fail so often. Thank you for your sweetness. I am praising God because of you praising HIm because of me and that makes me praise Him because another sister, you, is praising him!!! yeah baby - Praise him!! have an awesome day!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Heather!!!!!!!!! - what a complete honor to have you post on my blog - or i mean leave a comment. Your whole life these last couple of years has done nothing but make people fall to their knees and praise Him. Your attitude, your responses, your commitment, and even honest frustrations and fears make me praise Him because I know He can handle any of our emotions and expression!! Oh girl - I am praising HIm because of YOU today!!! Thank you for the reminder of your example in my life - and you probably didn't even know it!!! I should have told you sooner!!! (Now i wonder if you are even going to get this message..) Love to you - Leigh

Doll Clothes Gal said...

What a lovely post - thanks for sharing.

Happy WW

Lisa said...

I am praising God WITH you! Thank you for this post. You so have the right perspective, and it blesses me!!!

Love you!
Lisa :)

Mama Susie said...

You are the reason I am praising God. I love you. Mom

Bridgette said...

I love the way you are doing these videos! It feels so personal! I facilitated Daniel by Beth Moore and we had 18 of us. We are on week 11, one week left. To see how God is working through their lives and how excited they are and how much they've learned and changed in this 11 week time period is awesome! God is awesome and His Word changes us! I love seeing Him work in our lives! Thank you for what you do! I love coming on here and watching, reading! It is great to see God working through you and using this blog to reach others!