Monday, December 01, 2008

661 - Hearts Go First


Victoria said...

You've just given me further biblical backing in my parenting, but so much more! I've always told my boys that their following my instructions isn't obedience, that obedience comes with a happy heart. I think I read it somewhere in the Word before truly coming to Christ and it stuck. I'm so excited to have this light to share and live! muwah back atcha!

Teresa said...

great challenge, my friend!
I'm off to examine my heart!

And YES! He is soooo good!

Toknowhim said...

Good video blog today... Even if I obey God in a situation, if I know my heart is not right, I just don't feel that great anymore. I used to be able to just obey, and not worry about where my heart was... I am glad that the Lord has opened my eyes now.

Love ya...