Wednesday, December 17, 2008

667 - Obey with a Stinky Heart

Hey ya'll - this vlog is quite humorous even though i did not intend on it being that way.  I got really tongue tied and forgot my words and.................. now i see how useful it would be to write out what I am about to say...... Have mercy sweet Jesus!!  Plus, my kids were threatening to come in on any second!!  I was rushed and nervous all at the same time!  

No school for us today.  ummmm...  Thank you Jesus for getting all my shopping done and all that!  We were suppose to go bowling today with Emmajoy's class.  She will be very sad - I am too.  I love her class of kids.  

Hey - if you are a Facebook person stop by my page and take a look at the question for the day.  I have been posting a question every so often that really makes you think. i think it is ok for His people to think.......... we talk out some of these things then I am hoping it spurs on people to get back to the Word and see what HIS opinion is! Plus it gives the Holy Spirit even more room to work when we have actually engaged our minds and are thinking it through. God is so wonderful awesome and Holy. He can handle our misguided truths so gently and take us back home to the real Truth! 

Don't tell anyone - especially my children, but we are taking them on a surprise trip..... well the girls, I mean.  We are leaving tomorrow to take the girls on the train up to Chicago to the American Doll Store.  We are staying in a really fancy hotel on Michigan Ave.  They don't know!!!  Tucker will stay here because he doesn't do dolls - thank you Lord - and he has basketball practice.  He is getting a special surprise too.  I can not post what that is because I know some of friends come here each day to see how crazy Tucker's mom is and they might slip the surprise.  Ya'll are sweet though!  But i ain't tellin'!  

Have an awesome day!!!  Lord, come to our rescue!  

 Need a place to make a difference in a child's life - check this out... very cool organization!

What is up my eyes?????????



Sarah Martin said...

You pumped me up! I find myself obeying because I know in my mind that I should, but my heart is just not in it. I am going to work on that...


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Ok, I"m trying to do this "follow blog" thing...but how do I follow your blog, I don't see anywhere to click on it?