Thursday, January 01, 2009

670 - I will Batah Myself!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Ps. 62:8!!!!!  What are you batahing yourself too in 2009?


Toknowhim said...

Happy New Year Leigh...

I love that you said 2009 is going to be a good year, not because of what He might do, but because of who He is...YES!!!

I give you a Woo-Hoo too :)

Love ya, Kim

Teresa said...

Great word, my friend! ...because of who He is!!! Yes!

love ya!

Deanna said...

I second the above comment,
"beacause of who He is!"
thanx~happy 2009 to you too:O)

Shonda said...

Happy New Year!

I love to study the Word of God and the meaning of the words used. Great video post.

Engrafted by His Grace--

Shanda said...

I am new to your, that is a powerful word you just shared! I can't wait for more! So glad to have found you!

Lisa Price said...

Thank you for your heart. I too am challenged to attach myself to him. Many blessings this New Year Lisa

vicki said...

Wow Leigh

Powerful and contagious words my friend! I too want to attach myself to the only solid thing there is. I am going to go memorize Psalm 62

Thank you for your encouraging words.
We are going to haave a awesome year!!!!

Victoria said...

Amen sister! God is so good and knowing that He is who He says He is certainly gives cause to "woo!"

Happy New (in Him) Year!