Monday, February 02, 2009

684 - I am the Leper in more ways than one!

Oh Lord Jesus,  I have to admit I am so ready for the school to get back started and to get the kids out the door and get the house organized.  The last 4 days I have had a sick one, plus all the snow, and whatnot........ I am ready to get back to the schedule.  I missed going to church yesterday....  I love love love my church and so miss not getting to worship, pray, and love on all kinds of people!  

Lord, this morning I read about the leper in Luke 17:11-19.  These were guys that were screaming out as was the custom to anyone, but this particular day to the Lord for healing.  Of course the Lord did something that was a bit unusual.  He could have just walked over there and said your healed - go on your way.  But instead he told them to go to the priests.  This was again one of those times that there had to be movement before the miracle appeared.  There had to be some kind of action before the "believe" could be engaged!  

That is my problem.  I do not obey enough often.  I want to stomp, question, argue, and even dig my heels in before I take the first step of obedience.  These guys may have done that too, but for some reason it does not include that in the text.  Jesus spoke and told them to go to the priest and they went.  The scripture says "as they went".  There it is - as they went they were healed - not first they were healed because they understood everything and then obeyed and went to see the priest like Jesus had asked.  

Lord, there are some things in my life that are very easy to obey - usually things that I like or things that are fun or things that i can be in charge of............ - but there are a lot of things right now in my life that you have taken the reigns away from me and asking me to "go see the priests" when I can not even understand when my healing will come or understanding of situations.  Lord, I once again feel so misunderstood.  I am so thankful that you understand me - but you understand the good and bad.  You understand my healing to the inner depths of my soul.  Lord, thank you for knowing my heart.  Thank you for your acceptance.  Thank you for reaching out to me as I cry out for healing.  Thank you for seeing me as I am - in all the yuck as well - and still taking me in.  Thank you for giving me a plan for my life.  Thank you Lord - I so love you!!!  


Lindsee said...

Leigh! I absolutely loved this. And your heart! I feel so misunderstood sometimes, too, but know that HE understands me better than anyone. And, I totally feel you on the obidience thing. I learned that lesson hard in college, and am still learning it, but it is so worth it! Hope you have a great Monday with the kids. Despite you wanting them to go back. :)

Sheryl said...

Thank you so much for this post. There are things God is telling me to do and I am second guessing Him. I need to obey and believe HIM for everything else.


mama's smitten said...

Leigh, Thank you for this. I still fresh in my journey with God so much so that this complete turn around in me has lead some of my family to be skeptic. Or at least I feel that they are. I have yet to find the right words to explain the new feelings I have and pray that the skeptisim does not affect my new beliefs.

L said...

Oh my..."There it is - as they went they were healed - not first they were healed because they understood everything and then obeyed ". I am really struggling with a very deep, personal and hurtful thing and have been arguing with God about just obeying him. I even said "I need my heart healed first".

This is exactly where I am and I thank you so for your word today.

Cheryl said...

The other conotation here is that they had to submit to earthly authority as well as spiritual. We often want to go to our pastor but not our husbands. Kids will listen to a youth leader but not their parents. God is the author of all authority. And Jesus did not overstep authority established by God. Every leper had to be declared clean by the priests as per the Old Testament. God was showing us here that as we obey AND submit we will receive from him for our needs. :)