Wednesday, February 25, 2009

697 - Close Encounters - Who is your neighbor??

Why are my eyes always stinkin' closed???  Have an awesome day and think about who is YOUR neighbor???  Thanks


Anonymous said...

Leigh, you inspire me...
everyday since I was a small child I have had a call for speaking to women, teaching them God's Word and loving on them. I came from a abusive past and my heart aches for the lost. and also the saved who are still deeply hurting...
God is blessing me through your ministry blog, it has urged me to start a spiritual blog, I have always placed my heart on paper, now to step out of my comfort and place my heart on a blog for the whole world to read... wowow
Thanks again
Peggy Lee
Whitefield, NH

Victoria said...

I've missed your face...I think I might just have to spend some time here to catch up! I've been going through my own sort of breadcrumb moment here lately. Following the recurring themes God drops in front of us...or on our so key to living out His will and taking part in our destiny! Keep on keeping're such a gift of God in this world!