Wednesday, April 01, 2009

707 - Protect Me from Me

So many times after I speak or even after delivering a vlog message I think about all the many roads i could have alos gone down in getting the point across of the scripture that He had lead me to.  I also think about different stories that could have been better to explain, etc...  This is one of those vlogs.  There is so muchmore I could say, so much more that I could have expounded on, so many other directions I could have discussed.  Maybe for another day!  So please bear with me!  

I asked a number of people what that statememnt - Protect me from me - yesterday meant to them.  
Let me walk in the Spirit and please do not allow the part of me that walks in the human aka the natural to stop me from knowing the fullness of Gods many lessons and gifts.

Sometimes we r our own worst enemy.Things we say can come back to haunt us.Guard your tongue. Let God have the glory not yourself.

The essence of my walk....every man/woman's prayer for the day....everyday. No matter where you are in your walk, you are human, and the human side of you tends to fall into temptations much quicker than the spirit side of you. Protect yourself, from yourself. Put in a daily prayer request for you. And at the end of the day, thank and praise God when you succeed!

********** (This one is the one I could relate with the most)  Protect me from the human-ness that struggles to overpower the Jesus-ness that I pray wins the struggle daily.

I believe when we are saved we are filled with the Holy Spirit. After that experience, we turn over our lives to the Spirit's guidance and direction. That ME is when we take control and not allow the Spirit to move and work through us.

With all that being said - here is the video that did not quite do all that I intended for it to do!  

Thank you for your grace!!

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Jennifer said...

I am new to your blog. Found you through A Woman Inspired and you are blessing me!!! God protect me from me today!