Friday, April 24, 2009

714 - Don't Look at me THAT way!

OK - here goes the first part about haughty eyes.  So much more I wanted to say, but don't have the video time.  ugh!!  


Lori said...

Amen. So true pride is the root of all evil and so hard to get control of. I have felt "ok" in this area yesterday, well low and behold it showed it ugly head yesterday. And all last night I spent asking forgiveness and asking God to root this out! We need to be in constant awareness and always humbling ourselves.

Just saw a post about your Resolution Conference. How awesome is that! Praying God will bless you and your ministry. I will let you know how tomorrow goes. Luv you girl.

Alyce said...

you are right on, Leigh! My mom always told me growing up "If looks could kill"
I never thought about it being in conjunction with a prideful heart. Pride is awful..and I never want to find myself swimming in it..but I do have those "eyes"...according to my family :-(

Angie said...

Amen! Sister---you have it RIGHT! It is a sad thing to see this "haughty look" in someone following Christ---but it happens.

Your video posts are a blessing! I love the real you girl!

Denise said...

Amen, so very true dear.