Thursday, April 30, 2009

Leigh's Speaking Topics

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Authentic Parenting: Building a 5-Star Family
Leigh Gray
There is something tripping up our kids today. Is it the TV, the radio, their peers? Yes, it is all of those things, but the one key thing causing them to question if the Lord is worth following is their own parents' lack of authenticity. In "Building a 5-Star Family," Leigh discusses how to keep your children on the right path. It starts with authentic parenting - having a sold out, contagious, "I want a faith just like them" kind of relationship with our Lord, inside and outside the home. It starts with us parents!

A Balanced Lifestyle
Leigh Gray
Is it normal that I pray everyday, never miss a day the church doors are open, but find myself grossly in debt and deeply depressed? Does it really matter to God that every aspect of my life be in balance? Listen closely as Leigh shares the secrets she's learned of living a balanced life!

Beauty and the Bedroom
Leigh Gray
Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to discover the intimacy God created for marriage. With five clear-cut points, Leigh will help you spark Godly romance with your mate as you seek to bring passion into your marriage, as well as your bedroom. Warning: This topic includes detailed descriptions of seeing love through God's eyes based on the Song of Solomon.

But GOD, What Do You Really Want From Me?
Leigh Gray
Can living for Jesus ever be simple? Does discovering God's will have to be so complicated? Leigh shares a three-step process of finding out exactly what the Lord desires from you and for you as you pursue His perfect will.

Can I Be Her? Getting to Know Mrs. Proverbs 31
Leigh Gray
Reading through the last scriptures of the book of Proverbs can be intimidating as we compare ourselves to a woman who seems perfect! Yet God calls us to aspire to the noble character this woman portrays. Let's put real practicality to the woman we desire to become, but are so afraid to pursue.

Close Encounters
Leigh Gray
We all have so many friends - and each is a different kind of friend to us. According to Bill Hybols, we have draining friends, uplifting friends, and neutral friends. What kind of friend are you? Leigh uses teachings of Beth Moore to look at who was a friend of God and who can be a friend of God. Are you just having close encounters with God or are you living intimately with Him, as a friend?

Far and Away
Leigh Gray
Do we really show Jesus to a stranger just by giving a smile to the lady in the grocery store who we will never see again? Of course we do!! Leigh will share two major defeats she experienced and how she showed no part of Jesus to these strangers. At the same time, learn how we can also move away from God - making ourselves a stranger to Him. How does this happen and what can we do to regain that intimacy after we fail? Find out in this thought-provoking session!

He Raised Me Up
Leigh Gray
"Yes Lord, I hear You, but I could never do that. I am not good enough; I am not talented enough; I am not skilled enough. I have made too many mistakes in my past, and besides, there are so many others who could do better than me." Have you ever had this conversation with God? But, what if He is calling your name? In this session, Leigh reminds us that He will make a way for those He calls. Let's explore the ways He will raise you up!

He Supplies the Sunscreen
Leigh Gray
Through an in-depth look at Isaiah 58:11, Leigh shows us how the Lord Jesus can replenish our worn out state and bring renewal and hope to the most barren soul. Revival is sure to occur!

Christmas Hearts and Holiday Hope
Leigh takes us on a holiday journey inviting us to learn from a woman whose heart and life was changed that first Christmas. Just like Mary, we¹ll be challenged to treasure all that God¹s given us and ponder it in our hearts through the holidays. We'll start in the manger and meet the One that brings hope for all who seek Him as Leigh invites us up close and into a personal walk with the Lord from the manger to the cross. Prepare your heart for a message with holiday hope as we take a new look at CHRISTmas!!

I Am Blessed!
Leigh Gray
No matter what you have experienced in your past, or what you might do in your future, you are blessed because of Jesus' death on the cross. We cannot earn our salvation - yet we are blessed. Learn to live victoriously in this blessing! Learn to live in such a way that God's favor is ever present in your life!

Oh No, I Have a Middle Child Who Needs All My Time!
Leigh Gray
This session will totally change the way you parent your child! Using the principles from Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages of Children, Leigh helps you discover what love language speaks directly to your child. Leigh has four children of her own and each has his or her very own love language. You'll also discuss the effect birth order plays, whether you have many children or just one child. This session is also ideal for the blended families.

Radical Faith – The Woman of Esther
Leigh Gray
God is calling you to a deeper walk - a walk that requires obedience. But what about radical obedience? Come visit the book of Esther and see how the Lord radically blessed her for radical obedience. In this message, Leigh takes you through five steps of discovering your true calling, and helps clarify if it is God calling you, your emotions, or even your hormones.

The Role of a Wife
Leigh Gray
We can think of many roles we have in life...ones we like to play out, and ones we'd rather hide from. In marriage, there are specific roles we can have to make or break our relationship with our husbands. Are you a competitor, a cheerleader, an influencer, an encourager, a defeater, a deflator? Leigh helps us experience the role we're designed to have as wives. After this session, watch your marriages grow!

Up Close and Personal
Leigh Gray
Family can be the most difficult of all relationships with which to be at peace. They see our ups and downs and yet are supposed to love us the same. And, we are to do the same with them! In this session, Leigh challenges us to ask ourselves some tough questions: Can our family members get up close and personal in our lives and still see Jesus? What about with our Lord? Can we allow Him to penetrate deep in our souls, so that we can reach real intimacy with our Savior? He does not want to be a stranger, and He is so much more than an acquaintance or friend. Do we know the Lord up close and personal?

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