Thursday, June 04, 2009

732 - We interrupt the regularly scheduled program

Hello Friends!!  

I just realized that I totally forgot Whole Heart Faith yesterday.  I tell you what, when I miss one regular day in my week all seems to go haywire!  If you will let me explain you might feel a tad bit more understanding and then we can go from there!  ha!

1) Thank you all for praying for my dad and for asking again and again how he is doing thus far.  Your concern and genuine interest sure can make a heart rest easier when your rock is going under the knife and not feeling so well!  He is doing so much better and just about all recuperated!!  He is very, very healthy and in shape for his age, my momma too.  As so as he can he will begin training again along with my mom for the next big Senior Olympic Basketball tournament.  I think this next one will take them to Australia - yes, they are beyond good and talented!!  

2) Resolution Conference - things are still going well for the planning and execution on that conference coming on Sept. 26 to Marion Civic Center.  I am so very excited, but getting a bit of fear about me as well.  I need to stand more on the One that called me to this mission instead of doubting that people will not show up.  It is going to be awesome, now if I can just get the word out and convince the people to come!!  Ticket sales are happening, but need to sell a whole lot more!  

3) Tennis Camp - for anyone in the area the week long tennis camp will take place the 3rd week of July.  It is Monday thru Friday from 9am to 10:30am and is $45.  Space is very limited!  Grades completed K - 8.  Contact me soon to get your name on the list.  Thx!  July 13-17.

4) Radio - I am kind of in a holding pattern with the station.  I have set a goal of having a once a week 2 hour program until school starts - then possibly moving to everyday.  The problem is that I can not figure out the programming.  I have a Mac and it just does not act like the PC program and no one else has a Mac.  Love my Mac, but not right now.  So i am kind of stuck at going forward.  I know this is the direction the Lord has for me and I am excited to get started, but this one hurdle is just about to do me in - ha!  Where are all the Mac peeps when you need them?  

5) Did I tell you I have been invited to go on a Compassion International trip along with my ministry partner Ginger More and a few other speakers?  Tentatively we are going at the end of October.  I am so so sos sosososoooooooo excited about this opportunity!  I have wanted to get more and more a feel for what Compassion is all about since I share it with so many other people and this I know will do that.  It will help me to develop more of a passion for the ministry and a greater understanding for what they do!  I am pumped and honored too!  

6) Last but not least, my 2 year project with my cousin Heather Hargis of writing a book is finished.  We have set a release date  for all major bookstores as Sept. 6 I think and I actually received my first set of copies yesterday for presale!!!!  AND i actually had someone come by last night to get one!!!!!!  It was kind of surreal!  "Loving God, Loving People   Living out the Vertical in a Horizontal World"  They are $11.99 plus shipping if you are interested!  I have a limited number, but would be glad to get one to you before I run out!!  I would even sign it for you - that sounds kind of funny.  ha ha!  

I am so very excited, but not sure I would ever do it again.  I don't really enjoy writing for a deadline and do not feel very confident in my writing.  I am too passive and let too many things slide.  Many thoughts of.........."awe shucks, I am sure they know what i mean, I don't have to explain any further!"  Not so good in the writing world.  At least I had my incredible cousin to help pull and pull details out of me that I just was thinking everyone knew and understood.  She was fabulous and so patient!!  With Heather I would consider writing again, but I am not sure she would consider me!! ha!  

7) A Woman Inspired  - I will be speaking at this conference next week.  Leave a comment today and you will be in a drawing for a free ticket.  I am very excited on this opportunity too.  Last time the ladies were so awesome in keeping in touch and sooooooo kind in their comments.  It will be fun, but I am so excited about the topic.  Go to the website to find out all the information!!  

Today is our last day of school.  We go to each school and receive report cards and then are home for the day...............yeah!!!  I have so much to catch up on and so many emails to return and FB messages too.  I have not forgotten all you people out there!!!  Just so you know I am not as regular on my blog in the summers.  I will be waking to run 30 minutes later than normal and QT and stuff.  My home ministry to my family takes much more of a front seat in the summer because they are right at my feet and I love it!  We have so many things already planned plus I will be moving into the new house too!  Keep praying for a buyer for the current home.  I know it is not a good time to do this 2 home thing, but I am trusting He will send the buyer in His time!  He has always done it before!  

Phil. 4:5 says, "Let your gentleness be evident to all.  The Lord is near."  Oh Jesus, help me to remember that!!  Help me to show that - help me to be that - help me to show YOU!  I love you!! 

Don't forget to leave a comment and be eligible for a free ticket to A Woman Inspired!  

Thanks and Love, Leigh


Denise said...

I am praising God that your dad is doing well sweetie, love you.

Denise said...

I am praising God that your dad is doing well sweetie, love you.

Deb said...

Very happy your daddy is well!! Yes, I would love one of your signed books, I got your message on face book, and responded to the book, but nothing came up?? hmmm. . .So how do we order them?? Let me know and have a great day:)

Deb said...

Hi Leigh,

Congratulations to both you and your cousin on your book. Hope that you have a wonderful summer!