Thursday, June 25, 2009

738 - Ready to go!!!

Dear Lord, I am so excited for today.  So many things I have been waiting and wanting to do and today is the day!!!!!  Oh Lord, help me to see You as I am going going going and to be in constant pursuit of your plan and purpose!  

I have 3 tennis lessons to give this morning before I head off to Evansville for my ankle/hip appointment.  My hip is still hurting something awful and hopefully I will find out what is causing this pain.  I hope it can be fixed and quickly.  I am still enjoying running each morning around 5:15am with my 2 friends and just do not want to stop.  We could bike and I am up for that, but I get such a better workout running - or at least I sweat more and to me that translates as a better workout.  Who knows!  But I am excited to get in front of the doctor and have him look it over!  

Then I will rush home from the doctors - 1 hour away - and try to tidy up the house for the SS Bible study that is taking place tonight.  We are going to begin No Other Gods (NOGS) by Kelly Minter.  I am so excited to do the study - yes, by all means, but I am really excited about getting together with the ladies in my Bible study!  I am praying, Lord, that you will raise up in us a strong ban of woman to make a difference of this little town, Carmi.  I have a ton of ideas of things I want to do with them socially, but also evangelically as well.  Lord, please guide us all.  Lord, raise up those that have a passion for certain things yo have laid on my heart.  Raise up those with their own ideas and raise up those worker bees that have the time, passion, and want to... to do some of these things to make a difference in one life or maybe even 2 or 2000.  This is your group!  

Still studying Joshua!  Just read the first verse of Joshua 7 when Achan and his "friends" took some of the devoted things.  This is amazing to me.  God has just done some incredible things for them - splitting the Jordan and then bringing the walls of Jericho down.  It just seems to me absolutely crazy that after all those awesome things that these guys would disobey and hold on to the devoted things that the Lord specifically told them not to touch!  Because of this disobedience communication with the Lord was broken!  

Oh Lord, you know and I know that I too have acted the same way.  You preform miracles and amazing things in front of me daily and yet I disobey and hold onto the things you have told me to lose!  Jesus, help me!  I find the last few weeks of the Whole Heart Faith and now moving into No Other Gods no coincidence at all.  You have blessed me incredibly and yet I hold on to the things I should not or I pick back up the things you have told me to stay away from!  Why?  Not real sure!  More than anything a discontented heart!  So I set out today to hear You and from You!  I can't wait to know You deeper even after today!  I am searching!  

The SBC Conference was a great time.  The conference was a bit hectic and crazy, but getting to spend time with Ginger Moore, my ministry partner, was incredible.  We spent the night with one of my best friends from high school, Kelly!  That was awesome too!  Ginger and I were able to personally call, together, all of our ministry team speakers and touch base.  That doesn't happen to often!  I mean Ginger and I together so that we can call together doesn't happen often!  Everything was wonderful, just the lack of sleep about kills me!  

Lord, I am ready.  I have my ears open and my heart ready to obey!  I can't wait to obey in whatever it is!  You are so faithful and trustworthy!  I love you Lord!    


vicki said...

Good luck with the Dr. appointment! God Bless You girl. Luv ya

Angie said...

I have RECEIVED the BOOK!!! YaY!!!

I have listened to the CD--and LOVED it! Am READING the book ;) It is a keeper---but I'm gonna have to get 2 more to share :)

Norma Bowers said...

Hey Leigh, I am praying for you as you visit the doctor. Hope they can find out what is going on...and were you at the convention in Louisville? If you were I can't believe I missed you there!
We had the best time this year and I really believe the Lord is calling up young pastors to carry the torch for the next was exciting and it was the convention for heaven's sake!

Well, look forward to hearing about your hip and I have finished your was awesome! Thanks for sharing it with me! Love you!