Friday, July 03, 2009

740 - Did nothing wrong...

Holy Father - You have shown me something I was unaware of or was taking for granted or was just oblivious to...  Anyway you look at it, I just didn't know...  

Ex. 1 explains that it was not disobedience or lack of performance or any such of a thing that caused the Israelites to be treated so poorly.  No, the scripture explains that there was a new king in town and he was concerned with them getting too numerous and i reckon possibly taking over the joint.  (That was my version and interpretation.)  

So how in the world does that relate to me or to you today............. let me explain.  

Have you ever been part of something and you felt like you were left out for the most part or you were treated poorly or at least treated unfairly.  I am sure we can all attest to that at one time in our life!  I want to encourage you that even when those things happen, God still sees you.  He still cares.  He is still our great Redeemer and will have the final say.  

I am sure the Israelites felt totally let down.  They had for the most part done nothing wrong and then all of a sudden they are getting treated so poorly...........abused.  How do you explain that?  How do you rationalize that in your mind?  How do you keep pressing on?  How do you not give up?  

For the lady that gets treated poorly at work because of her Faith - press on.  
For the person that never gets invited to the parties - press on.  
For the husband that feels mistreated because the wife doesn't understand his faith - press on.
For the youth that is ignored - press on.
For the player that doesn't get put in and belittled - press on and coach, watch out for the momma!  
For the pastor whose congregation can not see the vision - press on.
For the wife that keep praying for her unsaved hubby - press on.
For the neighbor that continues to reach out - press on.  

We are foreigners to this world.  Doesn't mean we act weird, but we do act different.  Some might find our behavior weird, but it should be just that it is oddly different, but inviting.  When the bad does happen and the mistreatments occur, we have to press on.  We might have to make our voice known a time or two - when it involves our own - but this must be done in a loving and scriptural way - even if you are dealing with the unscriptural.  

We are not here to defend ourselves, but to stand up and let Him defend!  He is our strong tower.  Run to it and be safe!!  He will prevail!  I believe!  


HisFireFly said...

Great words of encouragement. Press on, into the things of His heart, into the things of His kingdom! Thank you.

Irritable Mother said...

And for the mother who needs a break, but has none in sight?
Press on. I know!
Thanks for the encouragement today.

Michelle V said...

Great post! Thank you!!

Amy in GA said...

Very encouraging! Thanks :)

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I loved this, Leigh....thank you for this reminder that God still sees and knows...

Happy 4th~~


Anonymous said...

Hey friend,

I have been tossing and turning in the bed for my "thing that is happening" -- where I feel left out or forgotten -- and I so needed this. Just got around to reading it right now -- and I know that was God's plan.

Thank you for the reminder to press on.

Love you,