Tuesday, September 15, 2009

760 - No wonder...

Dear Lord, I am excited for today as I am gong to be teaching PE for our mentally and physically handicap school in Brownsville. They have been without a teacher for at least this year and have been unable to find one to hire. So I am going in for a few days to help out. I hope I can be creative - this will be a stretch. Yesterday I was at our high school doing PE for girls...........tough to get them to do anything! I am excited to work with these kids today!

Ps. 40:5 "Many, O Lord my God, are the wonder you have done."
As I read this verse I immediately felt great conviction. I do not look for God's wonders that often. I don't stand in awe and wonder of You, Lord, all that often! It is my perspective. I am expecting things that are on my time line, expecting things that I think should be in Your will for me, expecting things that You have not promised to me. Instead of waiting for You God as this whole Psalm talks about, taking in Your big and small wonders, I find myself getting disappointed in this and that.

Oh Lord, thank you for revealing to me this heart issue. I see such err in my way!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to see or even be a part of a splitting of the Red Sea kind of experience. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see or be used in a burning bush kind of way! But I do believe and I think the Lord is telling me this morning - I must have the faith to split the Red Sea or the faith He will provide a burning bush before I am used or even get to see that kind of wonder.

In the mean time it is the wonders that happen everyday such as running long distances, breath in my lungs, my kids laughing, food on the table, faith that He will provide us a buyer for our house something soon, tennis team fun, etc....... it is those kinds of wonders that build my faith - or are suppose to if i allow it - so that I will have the faith for a burning bush.

It is the same for this situation - if i can not be faithful in the small things why would He ask me to be faithful in the big things! A work of any size is a wonder of our Lord! God, help me to notice all your wonders and be grateful and appreciative of them no matter!

Thank you for rearranging my heart Lord!! I love you - off to a great WONDERful day!!

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Alyce said...

Thanks for this post...same way I feel sometimes.