Wednesday, October 07, 2009

765 - My Daddy(s)


Sheryl said...


Before my father passed away I would take him to the doctor every once in a while. He used to remind me how beautiful God's creation is. As we would drive he would point out the trees, the flowers, the sky...everything. As I drive down the road now, I try to remember to see what God has given us.

BTW, I have that same lamp that is behind you. hee hee



Jennifer said...

The timing of this is crazy. I was asked by our youth pastor to share my memories of my father with our middle school youth group Wednesday night. I have to tell you it was hard to figure out what to say. My father isn't an emotional man and he had 3 daughters. I think he left the "emotional" part of parenting to my mother. So even though my dad was always around I didn't have a whole lot, good or bad, to share about our relationship.
It wasn't until a health scare in our family when I was in my late 20's that he told me for the first time "I love you". His father almost passed away during a surgery.
There are a couple of fond memories. He made a big deal out of Valentine's Day and always got us girls a gift that we would find on our beds when we got home from school and when I was off at college he made sure to have flowers sent to me at school on Valentine's. Also for our 16th birthday he took us out on a Father/Daughter date for dinner and a movie. He let us pick the restaurant and the movie. That was huge to me since we didn't eat out very often and almost never went to movies.
Thank you for sharing and getting me thinking more.