Wednesday, December 02, 2009

781 - She said yes with no hesitation!

"Leigh, can you help me? My son is stuck in a big dangerous city and we can not get to him for hours. Do you know anyone that can come get him until we can get there?", this was the panic coming from the other end of the phone from my dear friend.

Let me back up and tell you about my dear friend, the one who was so panicked for her son. This is a lady that I love. She has given me an open door policy to come to her at any time about any thing! She is always incredibly honest and never sugarcoats. She looks out for me and treats like her own! It is a privilege to call her my mentor, but certainly my friend! I love her!

Needless to say when I got the phone call of her needing help, it didn't matter what it was I was going to do everything in my power and the power of the Holy Spirit to help! She has never told me no when I needed her and I was not going to either!

Now for another friend, Teresa! This is the most dedicated, organized, no bull, priorities straight kind of gal I have ever met. If Teresa says she is going to be there, she is and 5 minutes early. Teresa is one I can count on for anything!

So as the phone was ringing I am saying under my breath, "Oh, Lord, let Teresa be there and not busy." Teresa answered the phone and it went something like this!

Hello -
Hey Teresa, it's Leigh and I really need some help.
Ok, it everything alright? What is it? I can help!
Ok, let me stop right there and tell you how stunned I was. Teresa never asked what the problem was. She never told me first she was having company over. She never said how busy her day was and that the the huge 15 ft. tree was being put up. She never complained that it was Sunday after a long Thanksgiving and it was time for the kids to go back to school. All Teresa did was say - What do you need and I can help!!!! There was no hesitation!
My mentors son was driving back to college and he is stuck in a rough part of town with a broken down car. Is there any way you or Chester can go get him? Of course the momma is a bit panicked. Dad is on his way, but still 4 hours to get him!

Teresa immediately replied, "Yes, just give me the address and I will see where he was at. Hmmmm, yeah, I see where that is. It is about 45 minutes to an hour from me and I can go get him right now. Give me his number and I will be on my way."

Do you have any plans or anything tonight? Is this inconvenient?

We have some friends or family coming over for dinner, but Chester and the kids can entertain while I am gone. Or I can entertain while Chester is gone - no big deal whatever we figure out! I am leaving now and he will be fine!

I have to say that I didn't expect anything different from Teresa. I would not have instinctively thought to call Teresa if I thought there would have been a different answer. But after backing away from the situation and thanking the Lord for the whole ordeal being worked out the Lord reminded me of how much like Jesus Teresa is!

1) She said yes with no hesitation. When Jesus calls me - do I say yes first before I hear the details?

2) Never a complaint or even a telling of her issues at the moment - just yes, what is it?
How many times do I want to tell God all the things I am involved with as if He doesn't know!

3) Teresa was so organized and prepared that when HE did call on her and the plans changed she was prepared and ready to say yes and go! Am I prepared at a moments notice for change when He calls - without hesitation?

4) Teresa has a solid yes and never backs out! She knows what she is called to and gives her all! Am i spread so thin that I am not firmly committed to anything?

Teresa, I don't know if you will ever read this, but I thank you!! Thank you for helping out my mentor, but more than anything thank you for showing me Jesus on that day!!! I love you my friend!


Toknowhim said...

This story once again challenges me in an area I am just plain weak in...or selfish in.

May I too have that attitude more and more everyday...

Shelly said...

Really challenging and great Leigh. Thank you for typing these thoughts out for us!

Jill said...

Just like Teresa! she is a doll...such a wonderful light for our Lord! and such a wonderful example for us...ready to serve at a moments questions asked...just ready!
so happy she was able to help your sweet friends son!
Many Blessings!