Friday, December 04, 2009

783 - No Strings Attached

This weekend Patricia and I are headed to Longhollow Baptist Church in the Nashville area. I am going to participate in a special program for Single Mothers called the Gift. I am so very excited to see how it all works!

In my little town and in my little church I have noticed there are not a lot of options for the single mom nor are there a lot of options for the woman that comes to church by herself. Coming from the huge mega church where you could safely invite anyone you wanted to church and offer them a Sunday School class according to their coffee flavor, I have found it difficult to do the same here!

So, I was at a conference one time down in Nashville again where I heard a speaker tell about their new event called The Gift for single mothers. Where for half a day or like 5 hours the church called on all single mothers to come to the church with their children to be loved on and pampered for the day. The kids would be whisked away and she would then be able to relax and think about nothing but be treated like a queen for a day. It was their gift to the moms.

When I heard about this event it was as if God ignited my heart at that moment and said – duplicate that! So that is what we plan to do pending church approval. My SS class is on board, the pastor is excited, the Evangelism Com. is pumped, and deacons have got my back. So all is left is writing up a budget to present to the church for their approval. I am excited!!!

The verse that God has placed on my heart for this event is Ps. 129:4 “But the Lord is righteous; he has cut me free from the cords of the wicked.” We are calling our event “No Strings Attached”. From this verse I see lots of directions I could go with the message I will be giving on that day.

1) we want to love on you with no strings attached

2) God will un-attach all the strings that are holding you down

3) God will love you with no conditions or strings attached – He is unconditional

4) We are called to love others with no strings attached

5) God can show you how to deal with those that seem to hold you back or down or have conditions for their love for you.

6) You will not be defined by what others have attached by you because His love will cut free the cords!

Yes, I am so very excited to do this. Our ultimate goal is to have a Sunday School class for the woman that comes to church without a spouse for whatever reason, for the woman that has found themselves in single motherhood, etc.

Lord Jesus – this is the plan, one that you are well aware of, and one that I pray you will continue to see come to fruition. I do need more volunteers and load carriers, but I think that will come easy once this passion is displayed to the church and the Lord ignites a few more hearts like He did mine! Father – I look forward to seeing Your mighty hand in this and for You to display your glory! I love you and I trust You!

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