Friday, February 19, 2010

807 - A Bill that Says LOVE!!

1 Cor. 13 - this is the chapter that most people know - even those that don't believe - Love is patient, love is kind, love is.......... what you come to find out is we can never really totally live out that kind of love on our own. And what I have recently discovered for myself is love has so many different faces.

To say that love is kind, it can look totally different than love that is not proud. I think of love that is kind as the love that remembers to pick up the laundry. Love that is kind looks like the sweet face of a friend bringing dinner to one that is going through a rough time.

Love that is not proud is one that never says I told you so. Love that is not proud never gloats when i beat you in ping pong - well sometimes! Love that is not proud is most beautifully seen when forgiveness is asked for and the words "I was wrong" come out with ease.

Love has so many different faces, purposes, actions, and reasons!! Love can even be disguised, so to speak! There are things that do not look like love when in fact when the layers are pealed away and the Holy Spirit is heard - love is revealed!

My mom and dad having gone through this recent stroke have seen love in so many ways. Love has been very obvious by all the hospital visits, food, cards, phone calls, etc! It has been overwhelming to say the least and by the obvious love they will never be the same. (In saying that I do know that they hope to never be the same and care for others they way others have cared for them.............once they get past this rehab part.)

Mom made a comment the other day that her phone bill was the highest it had ever been. God revealed to me............that was love, it just looked very different. Love made those people call and check on things. It resulted in a higher bill, but it was love! (Don't stop calling!!)

It is the best to hug on daddy. It usually brings him to tears in a way it hadn't before the stroke. One might look at the tears and feel sorry for him. But I know those tears are love. Love seen very differently than before, but tears are love to me!

Mom has a neighbor friend, Ingrid, that is a wonderful, crazy, dog lover like mom. She was so faithful in taking care of Cuddles while mom spent every moment in the hospital with dad. To this day she still comes to visit and will even take Cuddles on walks just to give some relief. I am not sure I have ever heard of love is..........."taking care of your dog" in the scripture, but I know it was credited in the Heavens!

One of the most different forms of love, but most important and helpful came in construction and "fixin". My brother has come down countless times to help with whatever needed to be done. He has organized. He has built. He has programmed. He has painted. He has constructed!! My brother has had a hands on kind of love that speaks without words!

Love looks so different and can look not so much like love until we really look at what the Lord is showing us. A bigger visa bill or phone bill - but still it is love!! Thank you Jesus for your creativity!! I love you - let me show your people that I do...........No Strings Attached!


Kate said...

What an eye opener. I hope I can show my love long before it is needed. Gotta say though "Lord, don't show me love with a higher bill." :) Lu U.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

kate - you tickle me!!