Thursday, February 25, 2010

808 - Power of Influence

It has been said - not in these words exactly - that the best and worst gift a woman has is her power of influence. Do you remember in Genesis who the serpent came to entice to go against what God had commanded? Yes, it was Eve. And why do you think it might have been Eve? The power in her influence. I believe Satan knew if he could get the woman to cave then he could then be assured Adam would follow because of her power of influence. Not a very attractive thing to look at in the scripture, but it is the truth. We see this account in chapter 2 and 3 of Genesis!

But let's not be overly critical of the woman. When used in the right way her influence can be the very thing that takes a very nice boy into a strong and effective man! The very power of the words a mom can use can bolster him into a leader and strong warrior of Christ. The praise and influence of a wife can encourage her man to lead the home honorably and in a way that brings respect all over town. Proverbs 31:23. The power of influence - with or without words - can inflate or deflate a man! What are you doing?

On a very different way I experience this power of influence in a cool way. A few days ago I had written a blog that Dr. Ergun Caner read and must have liked or agreed with. He then took the post address and tweeted it to all his peeps. Within seconds I had hundreds of people reading my blogpost! In fact, my site meter quit counting because it got to "overload". It was cool to watch it! THEN - because of that influence I had people from all over the world FBing to friend me and many joined up to follow me on Twitter. All because one tweet - but oh the power of that influence!! It was flattering and humbling, exciting, and scary all at the same time!

I hope that I can do that someday for someone! I hope that I can use whatever influence God has given me, big or small, and help another to realize their dreams, get the passion and word out, make a difference in their parts, or even help them to expand their borders. Too often I see those in ministry scared to promote one another's message as if no one will see theirs as valuable anymore. Or that they will "convert" - if you will - to a new following! I am not talking a different religion, but will find another person awesome and be drawn to them now....... It is ugly at times!! Forgive us Father!

I want to use my power of influence to bring others to YOU!!! I want to use it to build up and not tear down! I want to use this influence to make heros and giants in the faith! I want to use the power of influence to encourage those HE has for such a time as this!!

Thank you Ergun - you rock!

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