Monday, March 15, 2010

815 - Does it Matter?

One of my biggest faults is not seeing the forest for the trees. I get so tunnel vision. I am the type of person to not see the whole picture and therefore get very frustrated at what I see or decide is going on...... in my life, in the church, with my family, or even in road construction.

I was reading in Luke 19 this morning about the Triumphal Entry of Jesus. I was struck by a person in this account that might have lost his focus or at least wondered why is this happening. Jesus told his guys to go into town and they would find a donkey there that had never been ridden. Take it and tell the owners that it was for the Lord. I wonder about the owners.

Were they going about their day and all of a sudden had an inclination to tie up their donkey in this spot? Was the owner just thinking the day before about all the things he wanted to do in life and they just have not come about? Was he wondering why all the things he was about seemed so insignificant? Walking through the town was he intrigued with all the other things people were doing that looked so important? He was just tieing up his donkey right here.

Then for a reason or was it for no reason he came over to this particular post and tied the donkey. Was he a follower of Christ and knew this was his mission in life? Did he have any clue that the tieing of that donkey would be used for the King of the Universe to fulfill His mission on earth? It was a purpose driven day and yet I want to know if the man that had the donkey for the Lord of ALL to use that day had any idea HOW he was being used?

We are so often used just like that man that tied the donkey. God in His infinite wisdom is detailing our every breath with ways, missions, and purposes beyond our comprehension. Do we always know when we are being used for a great purpose such as the King being able to fulfill His great mission through us? No! That is a mystery of God and something we don't need to understand. My job and my understanding is that I need to quit looking at the forest and even the trees. I need to be focused on the Cross and my Savior. If i would just look for my Savior in everything then I would not be concerned whether I get to do what I think are significant things. If I would trust His plan and leading then I would not be bothered by those around me that seem to have "cooler" assignments.

God i do trust you, but I get so sidetracked and focus-lost! Forgive me Jesus. Help me to watch for the Savior on the horse and not the person that provided the horse. Oh Lord Jesus, I worship you, but not near enough and not in the way you deserve or even intend!! Lord, keep my eyes on You and my focus on You! May I go about my day with the thoughts of worshipping You in everything realizing I am living a purpose whether i know it or not!! I love you Lord!

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Abiding Branch said...

You know between your post, Beth Moore, and Corrie Ten Boom, I have realized sometimes you're the owner and other times you're the donkey. Today, right now, I'm just the donkey. :)God will bring His glory whether we are just someThInG He is sitting on or the one doing the acts that lead way to His actions. :)
Great Post!
Abiding Still, Chel