Wednesday, March 31, 2010

821 - I got the last word!

Do you know what it is like for someone to always have the last word. Well, I have found a spot in the scripture of having the last word. Before I tell you where the scripture is let me describe it a bit more because I think I have already put this in the light of a negative tone, but it really is not!

I guess what I really meant to describe is one that gives a list of instructions or even encouragements and then has to add in one more thing. Kind of like when you were a child and your momma would tell you to clean your room, do the dishes, vacuum, and pick up your shoes. When you think you have all the instructions it is like she comes back in the door and yells out one more thing - "and do it with a smile". That is what we have in Col. 3:15.

"Let the peace of Christ rule your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. (and here it comes, momma is fixin to step back in and give the last word.) And be thankful!"

Did you see it? God is instructing us to live at peace with one another because we are one body of Christ.............. and then adds - And Be thankful. I like that. It is like He adds that for a very certain reason. As if telling us to live in peace with one another cause He knows our minds will quickly go to the ones we don't get along with or don't like and says - Be Thankful!!

He always has the last word!! And we should be thankful!!! I love your Word, Lord!! Enjoy today!! I have got my plate full, full!


Melissa May said...

Love this, Leigh! : ) I'm always working on and needing to be reminded to BE THANKFUL!!!

Last year at our women's retreat I talked all about GRACE and ended the whole thing with how God's grace gets the last word... The last verse in the Bible: Rev 22:21 "The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people. Amen." LOVE IT!!! : )

Karen Hammons said...

Such a good Word!!! I love reading what God is showing you! It blesses me greatly!

Susan said...

That IS a good Word. Sort of like, "Rejoice. And again I say, REJOICE!"

I'm so glad that He always has the last word.