Friday, May 21, 2010

841 - Intentional Summer Plans!!

"But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior, my God will hear me." Micah 7:7

What an incredible verse Lord Jesus. It is my heart's cry at this time in my life. I am just about overwhelmed with the things He has done and I can't wait to brag on You Lord!!

This summer is going to be what I call a very intentional summer. I have tried my best to see about getting each of the kids a relationship that grows them in some way. I want my kids to be encouraged and challenged, but sports - or sitting the bench - is not going to do it totally. Yes, there are so many good lessons I learned from sports growing up, but it was the influence from older individuals, even if it was for a very brief time, I remember and cherish. So, with your help, God Almighty, I am trying to do the same for my kids.

I have a particular older gentleman that loves the Lord contagiously who plays golf incredibly well - and loves it too! I am going to see about getting him to play with Tucker once a week. There are many men or even some fine teenagers that I think I could pair Tucker up with, but this man will not only instruct Tucker correctly on golf, but will probe him on the things of life and share the Lord at every angle in a cool and "I don't think you are totally strange" kind of way. As the verse says above, "I watch in hope for the Lord".

Emmajoy is a tough one, but I think I thought of something. We have a neighbor down the street that has many horses and she rises at least by 5:30am everyday to take care of them. Emmajoy has never been much on horses like she is dogs, but to get up and do something like that with one the sweetest ladies we know would be a thrill - even at 5:30am. I hope I can get in touch with her today and see if this might be something we can work out!

My baby, Elleigh,is going to be a little bit harder to find something to do - if she is suppose to do anything - she is only 6. But there is another lady at our church whom I love and care so deeply for. I am going to approach her today about maybe her and Elleigh learning to cook a few simple things over the summer..........or clean..........or just hang out! Elleigh would love this lady. We shall see what you provide, Lord.

The whole reason I thought about doing this is because my middle child is having a some real difficulties finding who she is and as a result of that having friend issues. Clay and I went and spoke to counselor about some of these issues we see and the first thing she encouraged us to do is to find something that only is for Sarahjane. Like the other kids might have a solo thing to do as well, but it be nothing like Sarahjane's.

I was expressing these things to my accountability partner that is a wonderful Godsend and she could totally relate. She was the middle child with overachieving big sister - even wrote her master's thesis on the effects of birth order in a family and especially the middle child!!!!!!! She remembers having some friend issues and just feeling the need to always try to catch up. After praying about it some time she has decided to have Sarahjane as her mommy's little helper from the summer. My friend was so excited to get started that she asked her to come over yesterday and help out. Sarahajne played with her 2 kids, changed diapers, gave baths, made homemade waffles, and also made a pizza dessert. Megan said they cuddled on the couch, talked about deep 8 year old things, and just had a blast. When I picked her up Sarahjane was so PROUD and felt so big. What an incredible blessing. My young friend is being the Titus 2 woman for my little girl - beautiful!!!

The effects didn't stop at the door though. Sarahjane wanted to share her homemade pizza dessert with neighbors - just the way she is. So we drove it 2 houses down and all by herself she went to the door and gave it away. She was pumped! But as we all got ready for bed last night Sarahjane proclaimed she wanted us to have family prayer time. This is something we don't do near enough especially during ball season. I usually pray with the kids individually, but group prayer is not our strong suit! So this was awesome. I am sure Sarahajane was included in some kind of prayer time with Megan's family and wanted that to happen here too. It was awesome!

Lord, I am trying! I am trying to invest my kids in the lives of others and see that they grow in You through it all. I want my kids to love all kinds of people. God i just want them to grow up healthy and serve you in whatever manner that might be - salesman or woman, vet, momma, daddy, an athlete, a teacher, a minister, a missionary - whatever you have for them Lord! But this I do know, ""But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior, my God will hear me." Micah 7:7!!

Savior - I am overwhelmed by your love!!! Thank you!!!

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Lisa Price said...

Great input facing some of the same difficulties having 4 boys. I am going to be praying about how to invest in them over the summer. miss you Lisa