Tuesday, July 06, 2010

862 - "Your richest duty is devotion to me."

Oh Lord, how quickly can I get confused, messed up, or even bored (if I am so very honest) in searching for Your plans for my life. It is not the search that gets boring to me, but at times it is the stage that I find is your will that I would find boring. What am I really trying to say - I am not sure! ha

"Your richest duty is devotion to Me" is a quote straight from my devotion this morning! And by golly does it hit home and actually makes things so clear!

What are the reasons we get confused in our walk with Him? What are the reasons we get messed up in our search for His will for us? What are the reasons I get bored when I find what it is He has for me and a bit of disappointment sets in??

Instead of looking for Him, I am looking at everything else!!

The project
The ways it is not going as I had expected or wanted
The other people
The other projects people are doing
The disappointment

I look at every single thing other than Him! UGH!!!!!!!! I could kick myself!

God asks me to seek His face - He does not ask me to seek a job, a ministry, a fix, a miracle, a will, other people!!!! He says - Seek ME!!!!

It is in the process, ever growing process, of seeking His face that I will find the answers to all things - I will see His will unfolded for me. I will see a ministry right in front of me. I will see miracles only seen after seeing Him. I will see other people with grace because I have seen Him first!

"This duty [seeking Him, devotion to Him] is such a joyous privilege that it feels like a luxury."
Lord Jesus, that is what I want. I want to seek You with a joy and a heart full of the knowledge of privilege of knowing you! I want to be so in tuned with seeing You that all else falls behind. I want to be able to shut out the world and listen to You working in my life and hear Your whispers. God, help me! I want to be blinded by Your love, mercy, grace! I want to see You alone so that I can spread You so much more effectively! Awesome Lord, the God who see, help me to see You!!! May I see you all throughout the day even in the most mundane of assignments! I love you and am thankful for your faithfulness!

Because of Jesus and Your omnipresence You are available to be seen in everything!! I am reminded from the scripture - "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is on holy ground!" Exodus 3: 5

Nothing is mundane because You are there!!! Where You are in Holy ground!!! Even through me!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I am going through a waiting, seeking, wondering, patience-building season in my life and I understand exactly how you feel. God is showing me that my life can give him glory in whatever I am doing...My main focus should be devoting my everything to him...such a hard task! But I'm working on it!

monika said...

Great blog and i am following u.