Tuesday, July 13, 2010

866 - Holy hugs and Atta Boys!

Today I did my favorite lesson in all of Believing God series. Bara and Yatsar. I share this so often in my messages. Bara - God makes or creates something from nothing, just speaks it. Yatsar - God used some kind of ingredients to make something. In Ps. 51:10 David screams out - I always think of him as quite an emotional and dramatic dude - Create in me a clean heart oh God. That means that our Lord and Savior can create and only HE can create a new and clean, pure heart in us over and over and over again! He does that with no ingredients. So He doesn't need any help from me - He doesn't need my righteousness or lack of, He doesn't need my good deeds or lack of, He doesn't need my..................... anything that i could conjure up! He just does it at our request. Oh Lord, praise you, thank you!!! You did that for me yesterday with no words! Thank you thank you thank you!

But this morning I am concentrating more on the yatsar - create with something, ingredients. When God created Adam He formed Him from the dust of the earth! It took Him getting His hands not only involved, but dirty. Isn't that awesome. Oh Lord, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to form me in your very own hands. For some reason You wanted to be more involved than just commanding it through your words! Oh that speaks to me. Touch, hugs, kisses, hand shakes, pats on the back - they cause us to reach out and engage. Very few times do you walk away from someone you have just hugged without saying a word. Maybe my kids do when i make them hug and make-up. But that wasn't really a hug anyway! Beth Moore makes a point to let us know this morning that God longs to engage! He reached out "in the beginning" to create and He still reaches out today to touch, love, heal, atta boys, discipline, and holy hugs too! He reached out for the ultimate touch and sacrifice on the Cross. Oh praise you, Lord. Thank you! And then when we get sideways from some reason in our faith we can call on the engager, the toucher, the fixer, the healer, the creator to give us a recharge, refire, retouch!!! Oh Lord, thank you!! Thank you for this word today and the new perspective on what I have studied so many times before!! Thank you!! I do mean that, thank you!

Below is one of my all-time favorite songs. No matter what - no matter how bad it seems - no matter how good it gets - no matter.................I am blessed!!

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