Wednesday, September 15, 2010

899 - Living the Vertical In a Horizontal World - GIVEAWAY!

For some reason all the links below are not working to just click on, so you will have to copy paste them into your browser....  Thanks for your patience!!!  Satan is at work in even the siliest things to discourage!  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Hey yall - Above is the subtitle name of the book I published about a year ago.  The main or head title is Loving God, Loving People.  I want you to have this book for free!  Yes, it is time for Christmas, well almost, and this could give you an early jump!  Read on...  Or you can go here............but come back....

Hope you are doing well.  We are still trying to raise funds for the little girl Dolly that is coming in from Africa to have surgery.  This is something that the Lord placed in our laps as a ministry and we are doing everything possible to walk in this with obedience.  But we need your help!  Prayers and finances!  If you have no clue what I am talking about go here

If you will donate $25 towards our Dolly fund I will sign and personally send you a book and cd of my speaking.  The CD will be whatever I feel the Lord has told me to send you - sounds very spiritual doesn't it.  Ha ha - I will send whatever I have made!  ha

What you need to do is go to our website and click donate.  Make sure you leave a note saying you are wanting a free book and cd too!  Make sure, or I may not know!!!!

OR - you can go here and donate  This one is a Facebook fundraiser kind of thing.  All still secure giving.  You have to be careful on this as to put the right amount.

OR - you can just send us a check and make sure you leave a note about the book and cd!!!
Speaking Thru Me Ministries
PO Box 512
Carmi, Il.  62821

I know there are bazillion places to give and most are very noble and good.  But if the Lord prompts you to give to this particular cause I pray you will.  I have never had quite this much responsibility placed on my lap as far as needing so much to provide for another, but it is amazing how HE is coming thru for us. I have enjoyed this faith builder!

Will you help us today?  If i could give you a car I would, but all I have to offer this time is my book and a cd.  I know I am not any big name or anything, but that is what I gots!! (yes, I meant that terrible grammer.)  I love you all!!

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