Wednesday, December 08, 2010

919 - headed to the "store" to get a new foot!

Hey yall - i am headed to the hospital to get a new ankle!!!  I appreciate sooooooooo much your prayers!!  I am nervous about this one!!  I guess the older you get the more privy you are to information about other things happening in simple surgeries!  God reminded me of this - 

"God protects those who look to Him." 
Ps. 18:30

I praise you Lord - U r my life!  


Debra said...

Love and prayers Leah. Hope you'll keep us posted on how you're doing.
God is truly with you girl.
Beautiful site. I'm following you on Google.
Come visit me too.
I love company:)

Autumn Blues Reviews said...

Hi via Blogfrog! Love your blog. Sorry to hear about your foot. I hope you are better now. Hugs, Digna

Anonymous said...

Hope your ankle is doing well.. I had ankle reconstruction surgery in 1989. Such fond memories! I'm your newest follower from and Love to have you for a visit! ~ Ellen

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hey yall - 3 almost 4 weeks postop and I am doing well. Can put about 10% of my body weight on the foot, but that is it. I am suppose to increase each week. Even if it takes longer than expected I really want to have a total revival in my foot - ha!! Thank you for your prayers!! Look forward to meeting you more on the blog world!!

Much love, Leigh