Tuesday, January 04, 2011

922 - Receiver or Transmittor

Hey yall - another word from my time with Him!! We see lots of stuff on FB and Twitter, etc., but do we really take it to heart?? Are we just retweeting or are we really digesting?? Come find out!!!


Dori said...

Whew! Girlfriend, you and God are kicking my tail with this one!! :)

The word God has given me for this year is for me to be TEACHABLE. Not that I'm not, but I think He just wants me to ramp up on my teachability.

So last night, He specifically said a few things. Now these are not for everyone...they are just for me.

He is asking me to take a break from blogging, tweeting and facebooking. He specifically asked me to put myself in a position for Him to speak and for me to SOAK it all in and let it refine me.

I'm so quick to take what He speaks to me and spew it out -- whether on fb or twitter or my blog -- and that isn't what He has called me to do this year. I'm grateful for those who are teaching me on their blogs (you included), but for ME this year is a year to sit back and LEARN FROM HIM instead of trying to instill some spiritual insight on anyone that will listen!

Make sense? Well, anyway, I love being back on here with you.

Thank you for being so faithful and passionate to challenge us to chase after Him with everything we've got.

You're the real deal, Sister, and I'm blessed to know you!


peggylee said...

Love this Leigh-this has been on my mind so much this past week..as I read quotes (spiritual) on facebook from those who I know are not walking in the right path...not that I am to judge, but I am with them alot out of a week at a time, and know their hearts and to see these words on facebook can be tough to understand..I know that God is working alot out of me, 2010 has been a tough year, losing a best friend to sinful acts, losing a wonderful pastor to the same, dealing with lose of ministry titles (not that a title makes you anything)do to status of ministry order..(sorry to confuse you but I don't want to hurt anyones feelings) which God has opened my eyes to the fact that I can do everyday ministry in my home and at work...then I almost lost my husband this past November...Only God can heal and help me to renew my spirit. I just started Beth's memory verse this past week, I need more of His awesome Word. thanks for sharing.
Peggy Lee

Donna said...

This was well said. It's so important to test what our "heroes" say by Scripture. And something that spoke to my heart is that Jesus is the center. I'm single but have a very close extended family that i pray for often. But they are not my center or shouldn't be. Jesus should be.

Thank you very much for your study. And i hope your foot heals quickly.