Friday, January 07, 2011

923 - Why pray - does it do anything?

I totally forgot to mention anything about my 1/2 swollen tongue yesterday!! We still are not for sure what it is, but think it was just an allergy. I had forgotten about having just a few small bites of a cake that had pecans in it. I have never been allergic to pecans before and I ate soo soo sooooo very few bites.... I was actually just tasting it so that I could tell my kids what it was. IT WAS GOOD! So anyway - I am back to normal! I wish I could just take a benadryl and other parts of my body would go back to normal size! ha ha

Yall enjoy - this is a bit intense, but I think He spoke thru me! Love you!


Megan Raines said...

Aren't we grateful for Benadryl! What a great idea about the alternative use. It would be nice to swell up in the right places too!

I'm glad you're better!


PJ said...

Hi Leigh! Thank you for Befriending me on Blog Frog. I am now following your blog. I totally agree with you on Prayer. This needs to get out to as many people as possible. So many people are misguided on this subject. Too many are oblivious to the fact that a relationship with God is needed for Salvation and prayer is part of that relationship as well as living for God, and studying His Word. I think it is a cycle. The more time we spend thinking about God, reading His Word and praying, the closer we become to Him, the more powerful our prayers become and the answers come more quickly. Also, if we have any hindrances such as unforgiveness, bitterness or other sins for which we haven't repented, that can also hinder our prayers being answered quickly.

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. From my studies, I have concluded that this means to keep a prayerful attitude. Pray when we can, but always have a prayerful and Godly attitude toward others. God Bless you and your Blog.


Donna said...

I really like what you said about righteousness. We have to be obeying Him. Our prayer should be fervent. (KJV) We should be warm-hearted and even broken at times. This is something I struggle with is praying the same thing over again for each member of my extended family (I'm single) and it's not that I don't care but it becomes routine.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Saw the link on FB so I thought I would come over and check out what God has been sharing with you.
I will agree with you that prayer is to be an intentional thing....not something just thrown up haphazardly. Of course there are those times when we just chit chat with God....He is our friend and so you and I both know it does not have to be intense all the time.
But then there are those times when God has set before us a mission that will be accomplished through the "struggle" of prayer. Those times when the groaning in your spirit calls for steadfast working it out in the Spirit through prayer. I have enjoyed those times...times when you leave a tad drained in the flesh but so pumped in the Spirit. He has given us an awesome responsibility and privilege....and although we may not see the benefit her on earth...those prayers are moving things.
Good God word girl!
Thanks for sharing what He put on your heart.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Megan Raines - that is too funny!!! Try it and see if you get some swelling?? maybe you have to pray to swell!!! Just kidding!! Have a fun and gerat day!! much love, Leigh

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

PJ - thank you for your thoughts on prayers as well. I am thnakful for our new friendship!! I hope you will lend us your wisdom often on Speaking Thru Me blog!! Have an awesome day! much love, Leigh

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Donna - keep pressing into Him and praying for those loved ones. Maybe look for very different things to pray for those individulas each time. I know what you mean it becomes routine - but I know HE will bless for your diligence!! Good to have you on STMblog! much love, Leigh

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Sharon - thanks for popping over!! I bet you all are covered up in snow aren't you? We are not suppose to get ours until tonight! THanks for stopping by and lending your words of wisdom as well. I was just in the Maggie Valley area in Nov. LOVED IT!!!!!

One of the best mexican restaurants I have eaten at in Black Mountain - El Gucamole or El Guadelupe or something like that!! On the right as you are coming into the quaint downtown!!

Anyway - good to hear from you - please stop by again - Leigh