Thursday, January 13, 2011

Confession - I struggle with being content!

We place these dreams and thoughts before the Lord - are they too big? As we wait to see things come into fruition do you ever struggle with being content? I need to hear from you!!!


Jill said...

Firstly, your friend! Leigh, oh boy..I don't have words to say how shocking that is. 38! Have no doubt I will pray for your friend....and for her family to have strength.

Your question..That's a I agree with both sides. I suppose you can look at it in this way.

Contentment doesn't mean you have to let go of those dreams. You can still look forward to new challenges and moments. Maybe it can be partnered with that old saying "stopping to smell the roses." i think a lot of people don't do that, and so they loose focus on the important things in their lives.

having goals/being sounds more like there's a need to strike a balance.

be happy with where you are, yes. be excited for the new things to come, also yes. enjoy life today AND look forward to tomorrow. there's nothing wrong with having excitement and goals and aspirations.

it's why we're on this planet. better ourselves. not necessarily with material things.

everyone has a different purpose in life i believe. sometimes it's learning patience and acceptance. sometimes its overcoming adversity. sometimes learning to survive grief.

without me babbling on and on....i will simply say....

yes we need to be content, but it's also perfectly ok to want to make goals as something to enhance our joy. don't look at dreams as a way to fix our lives. but as a wonderful bonus.

whew, wonder if i make any sense?

and you're funny...made me giggle at that pants button comment at the end, LoL..

Anonymous said...

Leigh, I just miss you so much girl. I don't know if this answers your question but I know there are more verses in the Bible that talk about waiting on the LORD than those that say dream big. I think that is because being content and waiting is way harder than dreaming big. So I don't have any advice but just to say that you're supposed to struggle with this or else there wouldn't be 37 verses in the NASB specifically encouraging you to wait on the LORD. We've been waiting over 5 years to live in the country we want to go to and we're still not there yet. It definitely hasn't been easy but I know that the LORD honors your calmness of heart when you wait. I love you babe.

Nanna said...

lifting up prayers for your friend Leigh,content is a tricky word, we should never be content to the point that we stop growing in the Lord but yet when God has given us a vision we are to strive toward that vision but be content along the way towards that dream as we reach it in his timeing,many doora are beginning to open in my life & with being A.pastor, ladies ministry leader, chior director church decorator among many other hats that I wear sometimes it seems I'm never going to get to the door, but God has opened a door concernig my ministry & even though all the hats I wear are good thigs & I love them all, all I want to do is dig deeper into the word, study, read read read, like the song goes "all I wantta do is love you all I wantta do is lay here right at your feet, suround me oh's an ex for you I've dream of a bigger home so there's room for all the grandkids, have the ladies over etc& noted I do that anyways lol but whether it happens or not I try to be content & strive to be that virteous woman for I do love my home & I strive to create an atmospere that says you are welcome here, if you love to read Joyce Meyer has a good book titled "Enjoying Where You Are on the way To Where You Are Going

Angela Carter said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend and will put her on my prayer list.

You have to remember that God knows how you feel, what you are going through, and what you are going to do way before you do. When I am feeling discontent I pray for the Lord to help me to be content with where I am at this point and time. At the same time I also ask for him to answer my big dream prayers and I somehow know and trust that he will answer all my prayers. I think that's the thing, we have to trust that he will put us where he needs us the most.
There has been a leadership position in our church that has come up twice now. Each time I prayed that I would be selected for that position and each time it was given to someone else. The difference is that this time I know why I didn't get it. God put on my heart that I am not yet ready to take on a leadership role because I have not been consistent with my walk with him. Oh, I go to church faithfully every Sunday and I serve the small children in the church through our pre-service child care. But I was not giving consistently and I haven't given up some bad habits, and I am still struggling with worry, money issues, my marriage, and other things. I am still in the infancy of my walk with Him.
I don't know if this answers your questions, I do know that I pray about everything now or at least I have a daily conversation with God about all my concerns. It helps to keep me content and I always seem to get a feeling about why something is or why it happens that way.
God Bless You!!!!

Magnolia Memories08 said...

Leigh I came across your blog today from Beth's blog..After listening to your request for a friend I will be in prayer.My life is in such shambles..I went through a divorce in 2007.One that I didn't want.Since my divorce my world has been upside down.I lost my job with the radio station of eighteen months. Received my unemployment for about 5 months.Took another job with a Christian Based Company only to lose that job 6 months later in 2010..Since Aug 21st I have been unemployed again.I just found out this week that my ex-husband married the lady that he was going with before we were divorced.A deer ran into the side of my car Halloween night..To much for me to handle by myself.I have always known that GOD had a plan for us way before we were even put on this earth..All I can do is ask why God why..What is it about me that is sooooo bad..Isaiah 43 1-4 I read over and over..But it just gets harder and harder.I don't even have any dreams anymore because I am always shot down.Please remember me in your prayers.I feel like I am lost to the devil...You are a child of God

Mary said...

Hi Leigh, I am new to blogging, and have only made a few comments in blogs so far, but I just love watching your open, heartfelt love for the Lord, and learning with you what He is teaching you.

Now, to answer your asked us to respond to your issue of being content, and a verse just jumped out to me, so I think that God must want me to post it back to you. It has several keys to being content...

It is Philippians 4:4-8. I won't post it all for space-sake, but will mention what stuck out to me -
REJOICE in the Lord always! That is what I see you doing all the time - in the Amplified it means delight and gladden yourselves in Him. Keep doing that! vs. 5 touches on letting people see you unselfish spirit, and reminds us the Lord is coming soon! vs. 6 mentions not fretting, but instead praying and thanking Him - you do that too! ahhhh vs. 7 - the peace of God shall be yours. It will transcend EVERYTHING - your dreams, your fears, worries, etc. and guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Keep rejoicing, praying, thanking, and the peace and contentment will follow - at least that seems to be what this passage is saying to me.

I love you in the Lord. Be blessed, Mary Hudnall